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HELP!! I damaged my babies................(betaracer & all you tech types

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2 weeks ago I was moving at a prttey good clip through untracked snow in the castle when I hit a rock. stopped dead pitched forward, was glad I did not tear the edge off of my Atomic 10 exs. On first inspection, they seemed scratched, but fine.
When I arrived home & looked more closely I noticed a "wobble" in the edge under the toe piece. Now that I really looked I can see I compressed the edge a bit and actually cracked the edge a bit up from the compression. I have skied once on them since
but since it was a pow day did not notice any decreased performance.
Now I need to get them fixed. Is there a s.o.p. for edge damage on a ski like this?
can they everbe as TONAR as they were before?
Have you ever seen a grown man clutch a ski & cry?
any help is MUCH appreciated.
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Two good quotes about skis......

You aint using them, if you aint abusing them.

Skis are built to destroy.

Ok, didn't help out your mood much but the fact is, if it is dented or smashed I do not think there is a way to repair. Make it your outside egde. If any sidewall has peeled or cracked, fill it with epoxy or my favorite goo Aqua-Seal to keep moisture from entering.....

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"All skis are rock skis"

Our very own AC
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You can fix it. First you need to get some real adhesives. Ski repair epoxy or 2 part Urethane adhesive. Regular Epoxy is too brittle. Tognar toolworks has the supplies, there are better adhesives out there (Toughened epoxies and super strong/stiff urethanes from industrial supply or adhesives supply firms), but cure times are like 2-3 days.
http://www.tognar.com/scripts/shopplus.cgi?DN=tognar.com&CARTID=5182078614&ACTIO N=viewcart&FILE=surg.html

Tognar also has repair instructions/tips
http://www.tognar.com/scripts/shopplus.cgi?dn=tognar.com&cartid=5182078614&actio n=add|viewcart&file=repairstips.html
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If you have compressed the edge and base into the ski, therefore compressing the core materials in the ski, there is no way to fix it. You can't bring the edge and base back out and un-compress the core material. The season before last, I was skiing on thin cover, came off a little drop-off from about 3-4 feet in the air, and landed on an exposed slab of roc (luckily it was flat), and pushed everything upward, just in front of the heel piece on the outsid edge of my left ski. It dented the base and edge pretty good. Enough, in fact, to be able to feel it in the topskin, (you could see it because it pushed the rubber under the race plate up a bit). I didn't even consider trying to fix it, because I figured it would do more damage and the skis would be worse off even if I got it to look right. I would just sharpen that couple inches of edge seperately so that it would be sharp, even if it wasn't flat with the rest of the base.
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guys, I know these things!!!
I been wrecking skis since the 80s!
I just do not think Atomic is as nice as k2 or evolution when it comes to replacement. who should repair these beauties?
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