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Race Fit

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Looking for recos on race/plug fit boots for a wider foot.  In diablo magma, tried my buddies old Icon Carbon XT17s for a day and the response/weight just blows the magma out of the water in my opinion.  Obviously, rough fit prior to having any work done though.


I know that all will have to be worked on in the forefoot, but have you guys had more success with one over others...Looking at Lange WC 120; Salomon Falcon 10 (i think), tecnica diablo series, new (old) icon carbon Xt17s.  all are 98mm last as far as I know.  The Langes look like they have less forward lean from the pics, but who knows.


flat d width

over pronate; limited flexion (which is loading my the ball of my foot something awful)

narrow heel

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i wouldn't consider a 98mm last a plug/race boot, all the boots you mention are derived from the 95mm versions of the same, for volume in a 98mm last i would look at tecnica, head or nordica, but the best advice will be from a good bootfitter who has your feet in front of him


as for the lack of flexion, start calf stretches now and carry on for a long time, a heel lift may be required to reduce the net forward lean inside any of the boots and a good fitter can alter the cuff if required


good luck

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Having skied in the XT17, Head Raptor RS 120 (98mm), RD96 (95mm), Fischer RC 130 98mm, and Dolomite ProZ130 (98mm, same last as the Magma) I would say that in order of narrowest to widest forefoot (to me) is:


1) RD96

2) Raptor RS

3) XT17

4) RC 130 98mm/ProZ 130


The Raptor is pretty snug, the RC130 definitely feels wider, as does the Dolomite, which feels more like 100mm in comparison. Both have volume over the Raptor and XT17, too much so in my opinion for snug fit for wide C or narrow D width (my feet).  The RD96 is just super narrow, anyone needs work to get into those boots. 


One thing I noticed is that the XT17 isn't anywhere neutral for me compared to the others: I feel like I am canted way outside, like 2 degrees per side.  Not sure if that is normal or not. They did ski well.  The Raptor was the best fit out of the box, although I might have the toe box stretched just a hair to get a bit more circulation in there: My feet go numb awfully quick in that boot.

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98mm boot can easily be stretched to fit D width.  As CEM said what you really need is not recommendations as they can all be made wide enough.  You need to find someone to work with.



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