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Can a beginner have HEAD i.XRC 800 (2006/07)?

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I am in green range. I heard HEAD i.XRC 800 can be a good all-mountain skis. And I do want to buy skis and hold it for few years no need to change quite often when my level goes up. Would be 800 a good choice for a beginner who is eager for getting into next level?

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Good ski for green skier.   Change not next level but one above that or when starting off-piste.

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That's probably the most common non-rented ski I see people on here (Ontario/Quebec)...must be good.

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Thanks for your reply. Do you think this deal is pretty good on levelninesports.com? The price is US, not CAD. 





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Looks good to me, though make sure to ask detailed questions about shipping/taxes/duty - you may wind up with a big bill in the mail after receiving your purchase.


Also, if you're near the border, compare the cost of shipping them to a location just over the boarder - there are many businesses that offer this service.  In my case, it was cheaper to have them shipped to the US and pick them up myself than to have them shipped directly to me in Canada.


I just purchased some used skis from the US, and had them shipped to a UPS Store in a small town just over the boarder from here.  Drove down, picked it up($5 receiver fee), filled up on gas (cheaper in the US), declared the skis at the boreder and payed the sales tax(There's no duty on skis!) and drove back.  I probably saved at least $30 by doing this...and don't have to worry about getting a bill in the mail later.

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Thanks for your comment here.


The place I am shopping is levelninesports.com, on their web site, they actually doing Canada business. So, each order they have given out an very clean explaination about duty and tax. So, you can see all of them on the final bill. Pretty clean. So, I guess this company get a much convinent way for Canidian customers.


BTW, it's my first time shopping with them, god bless me!

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Good company to deal with.  Their website outlines the Canadian charges and I ordered product from them last year and had no negative surprises.  You should be fine.  They can answer any questions over the phone, too. 

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