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What is this HEAD Monster R?

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They have a pair looks like a good deal:




Anybody knows is this closed to Monster M72 or any others?



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I'll let you know how they ski in a week, when I get back from Spring Break.  I ordered a pair from lvl9 a couple weeks ago along with Head Edge +8.5 boots.  Headed to Summit Co. CO.

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It's a rental ski.

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Yep, an older rental ski.  Would be fine for beginners. 

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This Head Monster skis fine.  Spent the today on Peak 7 and 8 at Breck.  Had a blast sking the blues and blue/blacks.  I'm no ski expert, but for the money it's a good ski.


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Day 2 on the Monster, we skied Vail.  Went back to Blue Sky Basin and lapped Cloud 9, Big Rock Park, and North Star (all blues).  I could turn the Monster on a dime, in and out of the trees, another excellent day.  We really had fun in the gulch that leads down to Pete's Express Lift.  Tried Whistle Pig on the way back down the frontside, but my legs were trash; ended up bailing out onto Expresso.  My 12 y.o. daughter made it down Whistle Pig.  I'm no bump skier, yet.


Tomorrow, Keystone, A-basin, or Breck again.

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Decided to hit Keystone today.  Headed over to Outback mountain.  A bit icy in the morning, conditions improved as the day wore on.  Worked on carving the Monsters down Elk Run and Bighorn.  Ended the day under the lights, back to the hotel for a soak in the hot tub.  Another excellent day on the mountain.

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Bugs, thanks for sharing yours here.

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If you're an intermediate (I have a hard time judging my ability, but I'd say I'm at level 7 - see below), then I think the Monster R's are a great deal.  I know you're not supposed to order boots off the internet, but the Head +8.5 boots worked out fine.  I had only one spot on my right big toe knuckle that rubbed a bit.  Didn't cause a blister though.  I experimented with foot/ankle pressure when I was skiing.  Lift up on the toe, push down on the heel on the downhill ski turning a turn and vice-versa.  I never could really decide which technique worked better for me.  I did notice that if I relaxed, got in a rythem, and just let the hill do the work I skiied much better with less effort, I could really bomb down the blues.  I had my kids with me so I could only ski so far and then I had to wait for them.  This last trip was our best so far.  In truth, I've eased my kids and myself along with regard to skiing, I never pushed them.  I have one daughter who is more adventerous than the other, I can rely on her to do the pushing - first time at WP (2 years ago) riding up the Arrow lift she declared she was going to the top of the mountain, Parsienn Bowl (sp?) and we did.  We've progressed quite a bit in the last few years with only skiing 5-6 times a year.


level 7: ski well on blues, can "get down" most blacks—sometimes venture off-piste—seeking to become adept on all terrain and in all conditions—many committed recreational skiers, especially those who take destination trips

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