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Bindings for Watea 94

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OK, so I finally broke down and got a "wide" ski for the quiver ... since I only ski the East, 94mm is "wide" to me!  I got a great deal on the flat ski, so I am looking for a good binding recommendation for these skis.  One person recommended the Salomon STH 16 binding, but I am not sure that makes sense.  I would appreciate suggestions for the right binding.  Thanks!

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You might want to check out Look/Rossignol free ride bindings. I have Rossi Axial2 120 bindings on my Watea 101s and I think they are a good match.

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I've got the same Rossi's on my 94's and am happy with them.  They can usually be found much cheaper than the STH16's, too.

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Thanks.  2 votes for the Rossi Axial2 120 bindings.  Any other suggestions?

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