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Utah Ho!

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I'm heading out to Utah on Saturday 3/14 for a week of skiing with my girlfriend, my brother and one of my best friends.  Ability level is a little mixed but fairly even.  We'll be skiing some combination of Alta, Snowbird and Solitude.  My brother and I did the same trip last year and it was a blast, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff at each resort...but I guess that's something to be expected hitting all 3 places in 4 days.  This year we're skiing 5 days so it should work slightly better.  


Are there any bears willing to offer up some time to show me around a bit?  I'm an upper-intermediate/advanced skier with a fairly strong sense of adventure.  Last year I was skiing pretty much all the groomed stuff at those resorts (I know, I know...) but this season I've forced myself to venture off trail more and more when I get the chance. I'd love to hit some tree runs, maybe an easy chute or something.. anything to push myself a bit and enjoy what Utah has to offer.  


If anyone's up for it, PM me.  I probably won't want to split from my group too much (especially my girlfriend, I don't know that she'd be too pleased if I ditched her after talking about this vacation non-stop for a year), but if someone wants to join up with us for a while or even just has an hour or two to spare, that'd be awesome and I'll gladly buy some lunch or end of day drinks to repay the favor.



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I would have been happy to show you around Alta, but we just got home today!  (last week was great BTW).  But if you want some suggestions, PM me.  I just spent the week with a group of varied skill levels, and we had a great time. 

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I'll probably be skiing Alta tomorrow (Friday), so if you want to meet up, feel free to PM me.

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Thanks for the offers, guys.  We did Alta on the 18th, so I guess we just missed you, notsosmart.  

It was a good week considering the complete lack of fresh snow.  But things corned up nicely most days and there was enough hero snow to be found to make me push myself and get into situations I'd normally consider really stupid.  It was a fun week, I'll get some pics and post a TR soon hopefully. 

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