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Head C130 "Light"?

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 Does anybody know anything at all about these skis?  I've been searching the Net for about 2 hours and can't find a word on what their performance category is, etc., etc.  Any bit of information will help.  Thx

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I can't find anything on the C130L, but if you look at older Head skis lists the C130L would probably be a entry level beginers ladies ski.


Check this out.




A lot of newer stuff out there at good prices if you are buying.



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Yeah, can't say for sure, but it may be the "Lightning", which was a women-specific variant of the C130. The C130 was a competent ski, pretty much anyone could ski it, but there are far better options available from the last couple years that I'm sure you can find at good prices.

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My daughter tried out a pair of Head Lightning skis a few years ago.  She found them dangerously unstable at speed ( to the point that she refused to ski fast or or ski steeper Ontario blacks with them) and too soft and flexible torsionally for carving turns, but she was not an accomplished skier at the time. 

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