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How do you ski crud? A or B. - Page 2

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I generally ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom.  Sometimes (frequently) I skin up but that's not really skiing so I'd say that I go from the top down in a conditions including crud

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Like a mosquito on a pond.

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OK, what I'm trying to get is a mental attitude thing.  


How aggressively do you feel the need to drive your skis through the snow.  How much effort do you feel like you're expending as compared to being SO comfortable that it's almost effortless?

Mentally, I'm charging/driving/slicing with aggression. Physically, I'm trying to be as still and effortless as possible, letting the skis run natural arcs. The reality is I'm trying to let the skis/gravity do the work, but with a heightened state of readiness (physically and mentally) for deflection correction as needed.

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Out West the answer is (A).


Here in the East, most often the answer is (B). Though we do have a nice dry powder day occasionally.


To expand.....I think I am more of a "driver." In other words, I think I expend more energy than I need to on most days. I am not a "light carver" but more of a "heavy carver."

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Arc to Arc is the way to ski heavy crude, imo.  It keeps the speed up and allows you to cut through anything there.  If the ski flattens at all, you'll know it when you feel the vecro snow trying to grab hold of you. If you think you're going to push the snow around, well good luck, and since my skis don't have wings or hover ability, upwieghting just to pivot my feet and shove them in another direction where they will again stick to the velcro like snow, doesn 't sound like much fun.

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Be the ball, Danny.

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One of my favorite coaches once asked, by way of explaining how to ski manky, set-up snow, "If a guy was dying in your bathroom with the door locked, how would you save him?" "Well, I guess I'd get a run at it and bust down the door." "Ayup," he said.


That would be b.

I think the point of fat skis is that under those conditions the "bathroom door" is already unlocked.  Those with the skills at least will find it wide open and sail through. Those without the skills will still do some odd things to get it open and might crawl through.

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In the Tahoe area, it is  likely that a speed regulating turn is required,  because terrain ahead demands your full attention. Therefore, the free arcing turn in crud is limited to certain runs, whereas the answer to the quesion: where does the gorilla turn go? answ: wherever it wants to.


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True if you need a particularly short radius.......

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