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Volkl AC50 and Blizzard 8.7 Magnum, a short review

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These 2 skis were used today at Alpine Meadows, and here are some impressions/comparisons...


Skis:   1.   AC50, 170c, w/Marker Wide Ride binders, 4-12 DIN, brand new

           2.   8.7 Magnum, 174c, w/iQ 4.12, 20 days on snow, hand tuned

Where: Alpine Meadows, Tahoe, temps 16-25 F, 9am-2pm.

Conditions: no new snow, hardpack groomers, some firm off-piste

Me:  155 lbs., level 8-ish (who knows), older...former instructor


Skis were run alternately for 5 hours...


AC50:   A stiff, high-performing frontside-biased ski, that likes med-long turns and works best at higher speeds..Relatively easy to ski, but harsh-riding (some call this lively) on this hardpack, in that you could feel every death cookie...this ski will make small turns with effort using its stiffer tail (of the 2 skis) ...

.It is actually BIg fun to use the tail for small turns at LOW speed, but DO NOT GET IN THE BACK SEAT at high speed on this bad boy unless you want to emulate a human projectile...

The AC50 is very stable and skis much easier as speeds increase, with no speed limit....it can cut big trenches with legs way outside the body in runs like Alpine Bowl, Sun Spot, and WolverineBowl...

This ski responds well to (read "demands") forward pressure, and with its rather punishing ride would be a rather tiring allday/everyday ski IMO, but with more than enough performance....


Magnum 8.7:   A well-rounded performer that also likes med-long turns, but will do small turns with effort, but not as easily as the AC50...On the other hand, compared to the AC50, it is smoother-riding, just as stable, and makes great rounded (gee-essy) turns with no speed limit...

It is surprisingly easy to ski (reminds me of the Head iM78) with a large sweet spot and a tail that won't launch you if you inadvertently got back, and like the AC50 skis more settled as speeds increase...

It responds well to forward pressure, but doesn't demand it, and is less grabby/hooky in the PM cut-up/fluffy snow...softer tail and flex...


Either ski is shitty in hard bumps, with the AC50 more so with its stiff tail....there was no soft snow/powder to test...


Either ski would make an excellent front-side weapon...The AC50 for the more agro skier, the 8.7 Mag for those with thighs not as developed as those of Hermann Maier...


One other observation is that the iQ binder on the 8.7 Mag can be adjusted in 5mm increments fore and aft to help the skier locate his/hers sweet spot, but with the AC50, one is locked in to a specific mark depending on one's BSL...


But, what do I know!




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 Just spent the day on my 8.7's: great skis for sure.  I like them, as they aren't too stiff for me, but really no functional speed limit.  They are a bit GS feeling for my tastes; not a bad thing, but as more of a frontside ski, wouldn't be bad to have a bit smaller turn radius, say around 16m (vs. the 18.5 on mine).  Other than that, no complaints.  

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What size did you ski the two skis in?


Personally, I like the Gee-Ssy feel of the 8.7, but I am really tempted to pick up a pair of 8.1's when they put the Wide-Ride binding on that, but the 8.7 has been working so well for me..why fix what isn't broke.  

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It says at top of review....170 AC50, 174 8.7 mag

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Originally Posted by nfp158 View Post



It says at top of review....170 AC50, 174 8.7 mag

d'oh. Did you try the 8.7 in next size down by chance? That might loose a bit of the Gee-Ssy feel that you didn't like and I really don't think you would loose much in stability. Quite franly I found that when I switched between the AC50 in the 177 and 170. 

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