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We will be skiing BC tomorrow.  My bad on the lack of info.  I am not so familiar with BC but will have more info early tomorrow morning.


Anyone looking for info on a meeting place please PM me with your phone number (or just PM me and I'll give you my digits) and I'll get info out in the morning.


Mr. Vertical and I will be on the road somewhere around 7:15, headed for a free parking lot at BC.


Sorry for the confusion.  Again, my bad.

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Again, sorry for the very late notice...


Meet ups will be at 9 and 10 at the bottom of the Centenial lift and at noon in the Red Camp building which I understand is near the bottom of Birds of Prey, Grouse and Larkspur lifts.  Hope to see you there.

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No, really, bump!


I'm skiing here at Mary Jane, who wants to join me?


Saturday I'll be attempting to keep up with a couple of former competitive bumpers.  Wednesday I'll be skiing with garyskr, U.P. Racer and friend.


Today is the last day of the season for my MJ pals so I'll be solo Sunday, Monday and Tuesday unless you come ski with me.


Good days ahead, come on up!


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