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Why the hell am I the first person to post something about Vonn's 3 globe sweep? Are you guys that down from Bode dropping out, or is everyone gone?


Anyway, that SG run earlier today was hella close, I jumped back in my seat when she slammed that panel at the bottom. Was almost sure she was going to lose it seconds after.


So 3 globes in 1 year... and 5 consecutive wins in SG this year... where do you guys think she'll be in a year? Everyone in the girls circut seemed to perform fairly well, unlike the guys this year with the injuries and weather, so her sweep seems pretty legit...

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I watched the SG this morning, and part of the DH yesterday.


Vonn is clearly the dominant racer in speed events, and arguably - with her newfound prowess in slalom - the dominant overall racer. As for next year: though there's sometimes a tendency for someone in her position to ease off, the Olympics are likely going to motivate her to work even harder this summer and fall than she has in the past. She's still relatively young and (absent the hand) in good shape injury-wise. I wouldn't be surprised if she does a bit of a crash course (perhaps not the ideal phrase) in GS going into next year. If that pays off to the extent she can pick up significant points in a fourth event, she will be very hard to compete with in the overall.


Possible concerns:


- I'm not sure I totally agree with the "Everyone on the girls' circuit" thought. Hosp was essentially out for the season. She came back only recently, and was very rusty. Such will not be the case next year. Schild was also out.


- Some new youngster springing up as a rival. Women tend to burst on the scene like phenoms a bit more than men do. One who already exists, but is, at this point, wildly inconsistent, is Lara Gut. Plus, some Austrian might suddenly pop out of relative obscurity.


- Olympic pressure. Vonn has historically been a tad fragile psychologically. Not terrible, but a little bit. That seems to be history at this point, but the media hype and self-imposed pressure associated with the Olympics will be a strain. Particularly for Vonn, since: the Olympics are for once in an American time zone; for an American athlete, the relative importance of the Olympics vs. the World Cup is skewed, in terms of fame and fortune; those few days at Whistler will likely be the single greatest shot she will ever have in her life.


- I suspect a big part of what's keeping her psychologically centered is her husband. I hope the US Ski Team has some stellar marriage counselor in the wings in case he ever says, "What, take-out again?" or she asks him how her new Spyder suit looks.

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Thanks for the post. She's a phenomenally talented and driven athlete. Some are saying a "once in a lifetime" athlete. She has a very complete package, including drive and an incredible work ethic. Her dedication to the gym, and fitness level has increased dramatically in recent years. She's so dialed in, in the speed events that she's almost unbeatable. She, and the rest of the world now expect her to win. She has to be mentally tougher than anybody else on the tour. And, from what I hear she truly loves everything about the sport, and about her life. I like that.


As far as next year, we've read that she's going to be pointing toward the Olympics, and of course another overall WC win. Unlike most WC skiers, who will publicly state that the Olympic Games are overblown, they clearly mean something to her. I would imagine that she's dreamed of Olympic gold since she was a young child. She wants it. I would expect to see some work to get her GS performance raised a touch {not that it needs much!}. Maybe it's technique, tactics, or dialing the right equipment set-up {which is obviously perfect in the other events}. Rare is the athlete who dominates in speed, and can win in SL. Obviously a lot of work has gone into her SL, although it was as a SL skier that she first popped on the radar screen. Over the past two summers, she has made huge gains. Equally rare is the kid who wins consistently at every level, beginning at Topolino, through Whistler Cup, JO's, NorAm's, Nationals, and continues to have the drive that she does to dominate the WC.


She's one of a kind, and she's a pleasure to watch on snow. Just incredible. Legit doesn't touch it!

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Lindsey ROCKS!  It will be interesting to see who ESPN's athlete of the year will be.


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Originally Posted by sjjohnston View Post



- I suspect a big part of what's keeping her psychologically centered is her husband. I hope the US Ski Team has some stellar marriage counselor in the wings in case he ever says, "What, take-out again?" or she asks him how her new Spyder suit looks.



I race with her Dad.  Jr national champion, difficult guy.  Didn't want her to marry.


Now she doesn't talk to him, and she went ahead and married a guy who is a much better coach than Dad was. Her only competition is her best friend......this crew has it goin'


Newf, up on the ski soaps

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