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Manufacturing runs?

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So I just got my new Dynastar Legend 8000's yesterday.  While taking them out of the box I noticed the base  graphic is different than what I've seen previously.  The ones I got were black with the old Dynastar logo vs. an orange gothic font logo (much snazzier) on the skis I'd seen elsewhere.  I emailed the company I bought them from who was very responsive.  After emailing pictures back and forth of what I received vs. what I'd previously seen, this was the response I got...


"I’m really not sure why there would be that difference between the two skis. My guess would be that the model you’ve seen at some stores may have been the early season version of the ski (first run), and the one that you received is the 2nd run of that ski which is usually made halfway through the season for close-out orders. It’s possible that’s why we got such a good deal on those skis from Dynastar (why were able to price it so low). Unfortunately, after looking at our entire stock, they are all like that, so there must not be any of the other style left available. It isn’t uncommon for ski companies to use different base colors on different shipments of the same ski. I can promise you the internals of the ski are no different than the one you have pictured, but it is just a case of a different base coloration. I hope that clears up any confusion. "


Does anyone know about the ski manufacturing cycle? Does this make sense to you?  I know the graphics don't make the ski, I was just curious.  Thanks.

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I own these skis, but what you're describing doesn't sound familiar.  Can you post a picture or a link to these skis?

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It happens often. It's kinda neat to get some of the more rare version of the graphics. 

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This is what I've seen elsewhere...



This is what I received...



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Bizarre.  Mine are 08/09s.  They look like this:


Maybe mine are a year older than I think they are?

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Originally Posted by ed_d View Post


Bizarre.  Mine are 08/09s.  They look like this:


Maybe mine are a year older than I think they are?


Ed_d,  very pretty, but what do the BASES look like? 

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I'm talking about the bases of the skis, not the topsheet.  The tops of the skis I received look the same as yours.  The images above are of the bases.

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Oof, I am retarded.  Yes the bases are black, like the ones you received.  I bought them from CoupdeVill, who posts on this site.

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vterp, black is faster.  

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That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure that anyone who got those pesky "cool" graphics knew that they were on slooow version! 

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