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questions re Nordica Speed Machine 14 or Supercharger Blower

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I purchased a pair of Speed Machine 14's this year. I have a few issues with the boots. I am coming off af a pair of Grand Prix's that I love but are shot. I have an issue with the buckle system on the speed machines, the second buckle on both boots will pop off as I flex the boot unless it is set extremely tight which adds to the pain and hot spot on my outer foot. I have been having an issue with boot fitment with the right boot and have had to have it punched once as it is very tight on my little toe side. Do the supercharger blowers have a better buckle system? They appear to be like the Doberman. I may look at the supercharger if I can't get these speedmachines to fit and though they flex nice, they are a bit soft. I hate to buy new boots for the time it takes to get them right. I am a coach and spend a lot of time standing. Does anyone have a comparison between the speed machine 14's and the blowers?


Also, is there any where I can buy new buckles/rivits and the rubber heel pads for my old (2004 lime & dark green) Grand Prix boots? The buckles will not adjust anymore (they are frozen). I would like to replace and use as my coaching boots if possible.


Thanks for any help.

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the blowers are built off the dobermann chassis...much more performance oriented fit than the speedmachines. few mm narrower, more sculpted heel pocket etc. 


the buckle issue is a common problem on speedmachines, as is the complaint about them being too soft. i am 205 pounds and i absolutely crush the speed 14s, which is the stiffest boot in that series


as for the buckles/heel pads you could try ebay...buy a whole boot and cannibalize..


have to say though...for a 2nd pair of inexpensive coaching boots i would probably look at something like a salomon SPK boot..soft, roomy, upright, warm...perfect for standing around all day...

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Thanks. I am 195 lbs and also crush the 14's, especially when using a booster strap. I am a Nordica guy, but that buckle design on a so called performance boot is a joke. I can watch the piece of plstic that holds the second buckle flex and move. It's difficult in my area to find a speedmachine or blower in a shop. I was only able to try on a speedmachine 12 for fit and had to order the 14. I think I would have gone with the blower if I was able to try one on. I stayed away from the doberman due to the grinding etc. I know the 14 is wider by a mm than the 14, so I think I would have to have it punched as I did with my Grand Prix's. I also don't the wrap of the 14 and the first buckle being more on the side rather than toward the top of the boot. I think that is where my pressure is coming from.


How is the flex of the blower?

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the blower is a 130 iirc, but its more inline with a "real" 130


personally i find the flex ratings on the speedmachine boots to be a bit of a joke...


the plastic thing youre talking about moving is called the hp slide..its a cool little system for some people. makes the boot really easy to get into and out of. anyone with any kind of beef to them though just demolishes those boots...they seem to me to be about 30% softer than their competitors boots aimed at the same skier


the speedmachine series is 2mm wider than the blower iirc...it feels a lot bigger though..higher instep, roomier toe box, puffier liner right across the board..



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