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Who's better?

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My brother and I at Vail. Any tips for us? 






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Both of you have very similar skiing styles.  That's very common in families.  I attribute it to a combination of similar biomechanic/genetic makeup, as well as skiing together often and copying each other.


You've developed the feel for rolling the ski on edge and using the sidecut to produce the turn.  What really jumps out at me in both you and your brother's skiing is inclination.  Inclination is when the whole body tip/leans into the turn, as though it was a 2X4.  Instead, tip the legs, but try to keep your torso and shoulders level to the snow.  Doing that will allow you to tip your skis up onto a higher edge angle, which will allow you to carve a sharper turn.  With the inclination you're currently doing, you will be limited to the rather low edge angles you're using now, and the long radius down the falline turn shapes they create. 



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Ha gotta love a little sibling rivalry!


Who glued your feet together? Pull those suckers apart :-)

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Originally Posted by MattL View Post


Ha gotta love a little sibling rivalry!


Who glued your feet together? Pull those suckers apart :-)


there just trying to thier best stien impression, little did they know it was outdated whenever he was doing it as well.


the second video isnt as glue together as the first.


also I would like to say I know why you guys like Vail!!

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I like vid #2 better.


Uh - guys...  It is 2009.  Open up them legs, bend those knees and let yer junk swing free like wild Rhesus monkeys.


Tail is something you bang.  Not something you ride.

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Welcome to Epic!


Yup, you 2 both ski much alike.  The skier in the second vid turns the skis a little more. I love the smooth stylized look of both.


Since you are asking for any tips, I suggest you both experiment with what modern ski design is capable of doing beyond how you are currently using them.



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Thanks all! I'm going back later this month to ski the slush, so I'll try to keep working on my technique.

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