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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
I have run into an interesting situation. Several weeks ago I posted a response and have now learned it has angered a few of my peers I will include the entire quote;

__________________________________________________ ____________

"Here is the biggest thing I have noticed. We have folks who from my perspective are fairly good teachers. I'm not saying I agree with everything they teach. I'm simply saying it could be a cooking class, auto mechanics, or martial arts. They are decent teachers. I'm not sure I can articulate exactly what a good teacher is. It's one of those things that you just sort of know one when you experience one.

Many of these good teachers are really marginal skiers. At times I am embarrassed to ski near these folks.

I grew up at a resort in the sixties and the instructors could ski. I mean really ski. It was the norm. Were they good teachers? Again, I suspect not. My recollection was they were a fairly impatient bunch of ex nazis. Sorry Ott.You know very well you combine two great qualities. You are a tremendous skier at, who knows what age, and the epitome of a "gentle-man". I doubt you have ever raised your voice except to holler for another round! Those guys were always doing a lot of yelling in the sixties. Could they ski. Yes.....you bet. I wanted to ski like those guys.

So what do you do. I think I know why a lot of folks don't sign up for upper level lessons at our place. They have seen some of our people ski. Would I want an old school Austrian yelling at me to bend ze knees. Heck no! Do I want to take a lesson from someone who slips, slides, and heel pushes.....no!

I will say this much. I have yet to see someone pass the level III in the RM division in the last few years who was a lousy skier. There are quite a few level II's who are "great teachers". They go to the level III exam and flunk.Let's face it, to some degree, it's their skiing, and frankly I applaud the process."

__________________________________________________ ______________

The above made a couple of instructors angry. They state I was airing dirty laundry. They indicated it made our resort look bad. I never really identified "our" resort, however, one can go to my profile and see where I work. I actually work one day a week at another resort and they have a few folks, IMHO, who are lousy teachers AND lousy skiers.

My point was simple. As a boy growing up I rarely saw an instructor who was not a very good skier. It now seems to be the opposite. I rarely see instructors who are exceedingly dynamic skiers.

Does anyone concur with my peers. I asked them to register and debate. They said they would not do so.

I'll ask two final questions;

1)Instructors: Did I air dirty laundry and is what I described true at your resort?

2) Skiers: Would my opinion keep you from seeking a lesson at "my" resort?

I will add one more point. Bob Barnes ran our fall hiring clinic. He stressed we weren't looking for great skiers.....we were looking for potentially great teachers.
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Ah, our new friend "the frog" from the north wet coast has bumped us with a recap of the offending statement! Welcome to Epic, froggy! The laundry is aired once again!
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“Marginal skier”

At one very small ski area a few years ago, there were a bunch of us, “marginal skiers”, ski instructors. Our boss and director could watched us- “the face planters.” Oh boy, he could have had a few good laughs! Or, he could chosen to go out and talk to us, with a brown paper bag over his head, or even appoint someone else to do the splits, so he could ignore us, and not be embarrassed to be seen as part of our group. But surely he did no such thing! Instead EVERY MORNING for day instructors, and EVERY EVENING for evening instructors he conducted clinics. He worked so hard to change and improve our skiing, as if his life depended on it. Was he hard on us? You bet he was! He was even teaching us how to carve-more than 10 years ago! But under that hard shell was a caring, sensitive man who just wanted the best for us. Even if he wasn’t with us, he was helping the racing team. If anybody asked, “Where’s the boss?” The answer would be, ”Check the slopes!”
He often came to work very early in the morning to do paperwork, so that he could spend more time with us, his team. Yes, he had other tasks. As a PSIA examiner, he had to fulfill many duties. Interestingly enough, he was never flamboyant, or boastful about his examiner status. Modesty! A virtue we don’t see much of nowadays. We often wondered, does this man ever sleep, or has PSIA cloned him already?
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Welcome to EpicSki! We hope you'll enjoy visiting with us here!

Contact this wonderful leader, tell him about Epicski, and get him involved! We are looking for pro's with those qualities to assist others here! And possibly even become a coach at the Academy.

Hope to see you posting regularly.

Again- welcome!

Welcome to L.G. as well!


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Vail Snopro
This man is involved in Epic Ski.
You do not know him?
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Then PM me his name. It is possible that I do know the person you refer to, but who knows?


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Originally posted by vail snopro:
Then PM me his name. It is possible that I do know the person you refer to, but who knows?


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Originally posted by vail snopro:
Then PM me his name. It is possible that I do know the person you refer to, but who knows?


The name of the ski area: Vail-Broadmoor.
One of my student (working on carve turn) brought to me clip from the news paper, and I like that quote.

“Hurry slowly. Be dedicated and disciplined and work hard, but take your time.
Move ahead, but be patient”

Grete Waitz
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This sounds familiar, VSP!
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Methinks VSP just got the ultimate compliment! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'd sure love to work for someone like that.
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JP- Sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about me!


Vail/ Ski Broadmoor..... A blast from the past!

Other than the few pro's still in the business from those days, I'm suprised anyone remembers... Those were some fun times. The kind a mid-westerner could appreciate!

A 600' hill (mostly ice), one old (1964) double chairlift (which was as close to ground when fully loaded, as a rope tow) and a mighty mite, a day lodge that hadn't been rennovated in close to 30 years. A real museum! The FIRST (supposedly) snowmaking system, west of the Mississippi River.

And a group of employees that were more like a real family, than many I have seen! I was part of the management team that Vail Associates sent to run the place, which in fact were the last 3 seasons it operated.

The staff on the Ski School was a real mixed bunch, from high school students, housewives, military officers, to a ex-Olympian and member of the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame. Regardless of their origins, they came with the same passion for skiing, and the desire to share it with others. I will never forget that bunch, and how crazy they were. The energy level was off the charts, and it was usually pretty easy to direct that energy into very productive ways.

They would always look for ways to stump me, like asking for a bump clinic, full well knowing there wasn't a bump on the hill. But we had that clinic. And some of the indoor clinics, held after hours in the bar. I'll let your imaginations fill that in!

One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was inform them of the decision to close the area for good. Many continued teaching, some went to Monarch, some to Breck, a few to Eldora. I still see several here in Vail on a regular basis. Most went on to get their Level 2 and a few to level 3. It has always made me proud to see their names on the list of those who had just passed an exam, or received an accreditation.

The only regret I have from my time with this group is unusual-
One day while stepping out of my office to do line up, I was met with a barrage of snowballs. I don't know where they found that much snow! With out thinking, i reached down and started firing snowballs back at them. About my 5th throw, my shoulder went. The Dr's diagnosed it as a torn rotator cuff. Maybe one day I'll get it fixed!

JP- thanks for the memories!


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