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Share your Epic Moments of the 08/09 Season

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Well March is here and while there are still many great snowy days ahead (I hope), I was recently waxing my skis and could not but help wax poetic about some of my Epic Moments of 08/09:


1. Amazing Trip to Squaw Valley in December...some of the best ski conditions and scenery I have ever experienced.  In the middle of one run we had to stop...could'nt ski and laugh uncontrollably at the same time.


2. Apres Killington, amazing brews at Long Trail Brewery.


3. Checked off a few of my "Maine Objectives" this year:  Biked Acadia National Park, hiked Katahdin, skied Sunday River and Sugar Loaf.


Any memorable stories to share?

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Last season I only had company (outside of my little kids) one day. Three of my six days so far  this season have been skiing with other Bears. I'll probably be at Beech NC Saturday for my last ski day of the season in case anyone want's to help me make it 4 of 7.

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This has been my first year in Utah and, as such, the entire season has been one epic memory. Having lived in Steamboat for a few years, I thought I knew quality snowboarding and beautiful powder, but UT has just blown me away. I've spent much time at Snowbasin, where I think it's harder not to find a completely fresh line the day of a storm, it seems like any direction you go you're alone and surrounded by untouched powder.

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The gathering at JH was great. I especially enjoyed the skiing with the smaller groups, including Nolo, Ridgehippy, Bumpfreaq & MDF;



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What stands out the most were two days I had at Holiday Valley, New York 12/22 and 12/23. Knee deep blower powder in spots thanks to the Lake Efffect being in full force. Skied Vail last week of Jan. and had very good conditions , was in Utah mid Feb, going back to Utah next week for a few days and hope to be at Vail first week of April. So far, the best snow and skiing I've experienced in 09 was up in Western New York.

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I didn't get out a ton this season, but most of our skiing was very high quality.  Some highlights:


I try to add at least 1 ski area to my list every year.  This year I finally got to ski Le Massif.  It was spectacular!


Skiing Big Jay for my first time with some friends, one of them being one of my best and oldest ski buddies whom I hadn't skied with since 2004, and skiing it in thigh deep powder with face shots all the way down is a memory that will carry me through the summer.


And earlier that same day, skiing Jay's glades and trees with the same gang plus my 15-year-old son Matt, watching him take the lead, beat me down every run, and just enjoy the crap out of skiing the deepest powder he's skied in his life, finding great lines through the woods and  charging every bit as hard as my powder hound friends who are all great skiers...well that was special.

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Thanks for the reports, but this thread should be quarantined for two months!

Possibly I'll report an infectious disease here to admin...



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This has been a pretty poor year around here, but yesterday was pretty fine.  It was three days after the last dump.  The temperatures had been cold but it was warming during the day.  The sun side of the mountain was nice spring snow, not sloppy, just soft and fun.  The sun was great.  On the other side of the hill it was still winter with some powder shots still left if you knew where to look.  The snow was soft and fun.  On the ride up the chair you could decide whether you wanted classic spring conditions or powder.  What a great choice!

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I took a quick trip up to Waterville Valley with my daughter on Xmas Eve and we had a wonderful day. Beautiful conditions and almost nobody there. We had to leave a bit early to get home for the festivities, and the freezing rain hit on our drive home. That set the stage for a pretty bad holiday week of skiing, but that one day was just awesome.

All in all, the year has not been as good in NH as the raw amount of snow would suggest. Various occurences tended to make the weekends less than optimal, but I can't really complain because we were still able to ski.

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