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Bindings for Beta Race 9.20?

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Bought a set of 9.20's a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to ski them (considering heading up to Killington tomorrow, but would ski my old skis or demos if I do). Anyway, the shop only had the Xentrix (sp?) 412's so that's what's mounted right now. I'm a fairly agressive skier, and spend lots of time on steeps and eastern hard pack, as well as the bumps. Are the 412's a good choice or should I have them order something different? Oh, yeah I'm 5'9 180 and this is my first pair of shaped skis (much shorter at 180cm than anything I've skied in a while).
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What do you ski your bindings at? With all bindings, you should avoid using settings towards either extreme setting. If you like your bindings at 11, then I would suggest you change to the 614.

How high do you like to stand? The Xentrix bindings have a 7.5mm lifter built in compared to the Race models. BetaRace 9.20 with Race binding is 52mm high. With a Xentrix binding it is 59.5mm. The higher you go, the more lean you can get while carving, as well as more edge pressure, but you end up with a very tippy package on rough terrain.

Now its up to you to decide.
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Hi Rodney.

I've got Xentrix 310's (with the variocharger plate) on my '99-2000 180cm Beta Race 920's - skied on 'em 12 days so far. I weigh 165 and am 5'8". Level 8 - 9. I ski hard and fast on Eastern steeps (usually pretend I'm racing GS - like the old days), but don't venture into the bumps too much.

I'm 52 with a 305mm boot sole, so my DIN is set at 6.5 - right in the middle of the 3-10 range. I absolutely love the skis, but I'm also very pleased with the bindings. Of course, I have to admit why: so far, they've never released! I haven't taken a fall where I thought they SHOULD have released, mind you, but they haven't PRE-released either.

They also have this neat 'Variozone' feature where you can quickly move the whole binding .25" forward (for quickness) or .25" backward (for stability) from center. I keep swearing I'm going to try it, but I've been having too much fun with the bindings in the center position.

The only negative I can come up with is that they seem a tad heavy, but that seems to affect carrying the skis more than skiing on them.
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Thanks guys. The shop set my bindings at 7 so, that's well within the 412 range. My old Tyrolias are currently at 9 and occasionally (rarely) prereleased. I doubt I'd ever go above 9, so the 412's are probably good. As for race vs. Xentrix, I've never skied with a lifter or anything between the bindings and the skis (these are my first new boards in about 14 or 15 years), so I really have no preference or idea. I'd be inclined to go with less of a rise because I was pretty happy with the way I was skiing before, but if it's not a bad thing I won't sweat it.
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Rodney -

More lift really helps with carving the ski. On the down side, more lift makes the ski more squirrelly, especially in soft snow or moguls. Since you are not use to the lift, plus you plan to ski moguls, I would definitely go for less lift.
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