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Skins for Volkl Kuros

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Don't laugh.  Anyone know of any skins wide enough for the Kuros?

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The Kuro is 132 underfoot, a 130mm skin will work fine.   The tips of the ski are wider but you want some base exposed for good glide.  BD and G3 both make skins that will work just fine

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Originally Posted by crazymick View Post


Don't laugh.  Anyone know of any skins wide enough for the Kuros?


I'm not laughing (well, not a lot ). But I'd love to see pictures. What binding do you have on them? And brakes?

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Marker Dukes - nice wide mount for those fat sticks.


I'm not looking to do anything hard core, but I was out snowshoeing last weekend and watched some guys get some turns down some awesome terrain.  I said to myself, next time I'm bringing my skis (my snowshoeing buddy doesn't ski).  During some follow up converations, somebody suggested trying some skins and seeing how they compare to snowshoes.


I'd use my Mantras, but they have regular bindings, and the Kuro would suit the conditions better anyway - the Mantras tails can be a bitch in crust.  Of course the other option is just shoe up, but now I'm curious.


Kind of an accidental tourist, I guess.

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Fantastic! Happy turns!


(I think that if you have to break trail on those planks in deep snow, you'll end up with the quads/hamstrings of an ox.)

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Not sure if you've purchased skins yet but when I bought skins for my kuros i found that my only option was the G3 Alpinist Skins, which now come in a 140 mm width which is perfect for full coverage at the front of the ski where you may get slippage with a 130 mm skin. The reason why the alpinist are the only ones that will work is because the tip on the kuro is much too wide and short for the Black Diamond tip loops, even the new BD tip loops that are adjustable  slip off the tip. Hope you like G3, mine have worked great so far, sucks to be forced to choose these and no other but sometimes it's nicet to make the choice simple...

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How about the tail? Will the hook work on the Kuro or do I need to get the "tail less" ones?Thanks in advnce!






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