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All you western skiers just don't understand!!!!We in the east must ski on little thin short skis, it's not like skiing on those wide "safe" powder boards you guys get to use. We slide down into the deep wide trenches of some uncareing carver and befor you know it we can barely see the light of day. I have it on good advice that last year several eastern skier remains where found scattered all over the country side and only located late in the spring after all the ice had melted allowing the ski corpses to rot.

So befor you bad caver skiier people lay down a deep deep railway track , you first think of the mothers missing their children and the family dogs looking wantingly out the front room picture window waiting in silence for little jimmy and sue to return home!!

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We've got a couple of guys on alpine boards here, they really lay down deep trenches, which produce a noticeable jerk as you cross them.  I make a point of crossing them as perpendicularly as possible to minimize the possibility that one will catch a ski.  I have the same issue with snowmobile tracks, especially when they are on cat tracks in the spring.  You've got to keep your eyes open!

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If you keep your skis on edge, trenches snomos and boarders leave are unnoticeable.

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