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Mind or Matter

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Do you embrace skiing every time you start down the hill or just go through the repeated movements you've learned? Do you become one with the moment as you glide down the side of a snow covered hill? To the point that you can focus on a single snow flake that is falling in front of you when traveling at GS speeds. Do you concentrating sole on the feel of your skis underneath you as they flex and cut their way through a forgiving base. Which senses do you rely on the most? Does sight control your movements or do you search for the inner balance to set your stance? Low vis. Do you think about what you look like or more about what you feel like? Just a few question to ponder on before the next snowfall.
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I concentrate on flow and rythym. When I get that going, everything else falls in place.
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Slider - the next snow fall here is predicted day after tomorrow - not long to contemplate [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeah, flow & rhythm. That's the crux, exactly.
Get that working, flowing, and it's a great day.
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I'm just gonna try to ski straight for once.
What a nightmare.
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If I had to limit my response to one thought or feeling the thought, at trying times is simply GO DOWNHILL, the feeling, the rest of the time, is simply being aware of how the skis are acting/reacting(?).

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After 4 days on snow...
Definitely think about how I FEEL... particularly the feel of skis/snow

Rely most on sense of touch - this seems my main compensation method though - so maybe that explains that.
I FREAK in powder & very soft deep snow - because this sense detects much LESS feedback
I like icy/hardback - because I get a lot more feedback

My instructor is currently teaching me to IGNORE my feet in powder(ie the 'loss' of them) - & to rely on my trained responses to take care of them

This seems to be working - I concentrate on movement(by watching the horizon move) & think 'STRONG TURNING' whenever I have free brain time....
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