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Tips on goin big.

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Hey guys, i'm a country club skier at the moment really hopin to get rid of that reputation this year and I was wonderin what you guys do before your about to go big. Mentally that is. How do you prepare to stomp your tricks with ease. And does it work.

I usually just picture myself landing it, but usually that isn't the outcome. I've experienced all kinds of crashes when attempting the 360 as well as various grabs.

Hit me back with your little formulas for not getting your ass kicked at a hill.

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Just keep picturing yourself landing it and keep practicing. Dont expect to stomp things your first try, especially early in the season. Learn grabs before you try to work up to spins. Concentrate on being smooth in your takeoffs and rotations. Dont think about falling before you ski into a jump, because if you will.
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1) be a guy that's between 14 and 27
2) have a high pain threshold
3) be apathetic about injury
4) have no ability to foresee possible danger
5) watch all the TGR videos for inspiration
6) use heroin or morphine regularly
7) do not know fear
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Take ten parts adrenaline, mix it with 5 parts advil, then add in 3 parts testosterone. You are now a hyped up man who can't feel anything. Keep this way untill you land something then back off on the advil you shouldn't need it. At this point you can add a few more parts adrenaline as you go bigger and bigger. Just don't go tryin to impress the betty on the side of the trail with a laid out mute grab. That increases the testosterone too much and you end up eating it! Good Luck
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by kinch:
Hey guys, i'm a country club skier <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

WTF is a country club skier?
Like the Judge at Bushwood? Dannnnnyyy...
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a country club skier as i like to call it, somebody who doesn't live near any big well known hills. Also someone that doesn't get out to ski very often, i get out about 20 times max a year.

I live near two hills, one has 23 runs or something like that, the other has 9.
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