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Stratton 3-10-09 Another Most Excellent Mini Powder Day

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Friends Joel, JC and Liz and I had a great time skiing at Stratton today.  Stratton was in peak condition after receiving 7 inches of new snow yesterday.  There was hardly anyone else on the mountain, which was great because there was untracked powder available the whole day. 


Today was Liz's second day on the slopes this season, she had never really skied trees before and she was using my Rossi B2 Bandits.  It was her first time on them and they towered over her head.  One would think she would be a little nervous to duck into the trees, yet not only was she calm and composed, she ripped through the trees like a pro right behind me.  Very impressive.


We started the day at around 9:30 AM at the Sun Bowl.  Temps were in the low 30s, there was a light fog covering the middle of the mountain, but it was sunny on top, and the snow was somewhat dense - soft and buttery - but not sticky.  I did not encounter any icy spots on the mountain.  It was pure, unadulterated hero snow, hero bumps and hero trees all day.


No mooing in this pen


Sunrise Express


I spent most of the morning skiing Eclipse, Sunbeam, Kidderbrook Ravine, Free Fall Gully and Vertigo.  These are great tree runs and were a lot of fun today with the fresh snow.  Stratton has a very deep base.  There were hardly any rocks or sticks to worry about in the woods.








The great snow even enticed Joel, who has not spent much, if any, time in the trees and almost qualifies for the Super Senior discount ticket, to rip some turns on Vertigo.  I told Joel's wife, JC, that Joel is my hero.  If I can ski as well and as much as he does when I am his age, I will be a happy man.


After lunch we skied some runs off the Ursa Express and the Gondola.  Upper Standard had a long line of soft bumps on skier's left that were a lot of fun. 


Upper Standard


Upper Lift Line also had good-sized, soft bumps.  Liz and I poached the lift line under Ursa for some fresh, ungroomed snow.




JC, Liz and Joel posing at the top of Ursa


Moon Dance was a blast to rip


Cats preparing the superpipe in the Sun Bowl for next week's US Open snowboarding championship


For our final two runs of the day, Liz and I skied the trees on Sunbeam.  This was the run of the day for me.  On the far skier's left, the glade was almost completely untracked.  By 4:00 PM, the snow was the perfect depth and consistency to lay down tracks through the trees at a good - and safe - clip.


Tracks of the day's runs

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Didn't expect to hear about conditions like this.  I thought about you skiing at Stratton today and figured it would be terrible.  Lucky you.


Place looks empty.

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Those conditions loook great.


Lots of fun to be had right there.


Glad you had a good day. And thanks for the post!!

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