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Today the mountain reported 9 degrees F with 40 mph winds, so I stayed in the woods and took advantage of the chance to test the Maplus green and blue. . For packed powder below 30 degrees F any waxable ski with a good blue will outperform any fishscale.


I stopped at the low elevation trails and it was -5 C with fresh groomed new snow. I put Maplus Green Fluor (rated –4- -9) on one ski and Swix special blue (rated –5- -9) on the other.  The Swix had slightly better grip, and the Maplus better glide. Both were fine until the sun came out and it warmed up. 


I then put Maplus Blue fluor ( -1- - 5) on one and Swix Extra Blue (-1- -7) on the other. Swix extra blue is faster than their regular blue, and they finally put the wide range on the can. It is the gold standard of kick wax, the most popular ever.


The Maplus had better glide at first. The difference was quite noticeable until the Swix ran in a bit, and then they were virtually identical. Matching Swix extra blue is no small feat.


I doubt the fluoros have much to do with the performance at these cold temperatures, but I will say that all the Maplus waxes offer superb glide and the kick doesn't suffer one bit. They have done a heck of a job with this line.