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Alchemists -- or -- Who Teaches the Teachers?

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Professor Pete N. Tree here...

Beware the man who says he turned iron to gold. Beware him further when he tries to tell you how he did it, but his explanation actually obscures the process of how he turned Fe to Au. He provides all kinds of information on the basic elemental structure of Fe, and that of Au. He tells you each one's characteristics. He tells you where each one lies on the periodic table. He even tells you many experimental methods on how to determine whether something is either Fe or Au.

Has he told you how he has turned Fe into Au?


How does one balance? What details make up the basics of static human balance? Dynamic balance?

"The standardised structures of the alpha subunit of a potssium and a sodium (or calcium) channel are given in lecture 4 (and figure 1, below). Potassium, sodium and calcium channels all exist as protein complexes. The alpha subunit contains the pore of the channel and the voltage-sensor that allows the channel to detect and gate in response to changes in the transmembrane voltage. Recent work shows that the accessory subunits (variously named as alpha2, beta, gamma etc.) might alter the behaviour of the alpha subunit in a number of ways and may, in addition, provide a way of anchoring the channel to the cytoskeleton, even helping to target protein kinases to particular residues." University of Bristol

Of course, we have to account for the "sliding filament" theory.

"The myosin and actin filaments of a sarcomere overlap with the same relative polarity on either side of the midline. Recall that actin filaments are anchored by their plus ends to the Z disc and that myosin filaments are bipolar. (B) During contraction, the actin and myosin filaments slide past each other without shortening. The sliding motion is driven by the myosin heads walking toward the plus end of the adjacent actin filament." University of Sydney

And then there's the issue of neuromuscular transmission --

"The mechanism of neuromuscular transmission is the liberation of acetyl choline which is synthesised in the terminal axoplasm from choline and acetyl coenzyme A under the influence of choline-O- acetyl transferase. It is loaded into vesicles by a specific carrier mediated system. Eighty percent of acetyl choline is in these vesicles and 20% is dissolved in the axoplasm. These vesicles are synthesised in the cell bodies of lower motor neurones of the spinal cord or brain stem and transported to the nerve terminals with the help of micro-tubules. In the nerve endings they are repeatedly refilled and re-used. About half a million vesicles are present in the axoplasm of each nerve ending and are concentrated near areas of thickened terminal axonal membrane ie. active zones." Oxford University

Now, you can see from the above quotes that the actual balance mechanism is very detailed. We need to ask ourselves, why can't our skiing students balance? Is it because of their equipment?

First, we must acknowledge the clear authority of the reputable universities from whom the above quotes derive. One cannot doubt the accuracy of the quotes, as these universities have produced some of the world's great minds.

I have created a novel theory that will explain static and dynamic balance as it pertains to the human movement patterns inherent in the recreational activity that humans tend toward practicing and attempting in topographic areas with abrupt elevation changes and accumulated geometrically crystallized planar precipitation also assisted by human endeavors with internal combustion driven cutting mechanisms commonly known to the layman as "chain saws" and mechanical return pulley devices with fastened human carriage mechanisms to enable uphill locomotion.

First we must examine how the "chain saws" are able to modify the arboreal silviculture in the area containing abrupt elevation changes and accumulated crystallized planar precipitation.

After building the fundamentals of "chain saws" we will move on to the uphill locomotion human carriage device.

Then we will discuss the geometrically crystallized planar precipitation.

These essential fundamentals perhaps could span many pages of this thread, so please bear with me. They are absolutely essential to understanding what the layman calls "balance."

I am an expert on this. Trust me. I have lots to offer, all from reputable sources. In approximately 20 pages I will be able to set forth the essential foundation that comprises the pivotal points of the theoretical positioning I have adopted for myself for the purpose of instructing interested individuals on the details of the neuro-musculo-skeletal response that uninformed laymen call "balance." Finally, I will conclude this dissertation with a clear example of how, through "balance," we can turn iron to gold.

Please stay tuned.

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we could be friends.

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When your contribution puts elite level racers on the podium at World Cup races, then you may have something, but so far you have no such bona fides to offer. I just described DavidM, who counts among his friends, clients, and associates guys like Steve Podborski and Rob Boyd. He built a ski boot that never went into production. He's a busy guy, and has to be away at the moment, but he's working on addressing the shortcomings identified by critics of his work here. With photographs.

Quotes about DavidM from reputable sources:

"The work Synergy is doing to improve sport performance is unique in the world." --Louis Rosenfeld, Human Performance Lab, Calgary.

"I believe Synergy's methodology and technology to be leading edge." --Steve Podborski, CST World Cup Downhill Champion

"As a result of the changes [wrought by DavidM and his Synergy crew], I significantly improved my performance as an athlete...I have never seen anything like it in the world." --Rob Boyd, CST World Cup downhiller

"Team Synergy performs a complicated boot analysis and correction like no ski shop does, exercises like no ski instructor can and follows up with specific biomechanical information like no physio will." --Iain MacMillan, from an article in Ski Canada

Now perhaps you'll understand why I am paying attention. I owe it to my students and myself to try to understand what this teacher has to say.
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there is a significant difference between knowing how to do something practically, and explaining how to do it.

for students of the spoken & written word, communication is a high value.

this all could have been simpler. when a person uses a position of influence as a deference batterie -- insisting that people listen no matter how detailed or off-track -- then the influence is bad.

the fact that David helped several former top Canadian DH racers doesn't mean that he is the last word on communicating what he knows. sometimes, a "ghost writer" is necessary.

may I also remind you of this simple statement:

Originally posted by David M:
Jeez, I leave the classroom for a few days and the brats take over. You know what I find truly fascinating? That there are so many people willing to give me the opportunity to show the world how stupid they are.
maybe you honestly can figure out who is the open-minded one between David & me.

I don't recall Yoda bogging me down with such nonsensical, non-essential details. As I recall, he helped quite a few top skiers learn their trade. In fact, I believe you have credited him with doing so for you! I believe I'll have to chat with Yoda this weekend, to discuss this notion that pseudo-academic treatises help more than the simple, essential movements version of instruction.

Thanks to the extreme arrogance used by David and his followers, I think I'm going to reneg on Academy attendance. I don't want to try to learn from teachers who think me an idiot just because I question the communication ability of one of their new "saviours."

There's a simpler way. If you want to make skiing overcomplicated -- the main reason why students don't take return lessons IMHO is the silly jargon-laden PSIA manual techniques -- then keep nailing the coffin lid shut. You don't even realize why it is that people aren't flocking to skiing.

I'm not sure why I just wrote that. I like the fact that skiing isn't popular. I like uncrowded slopes and simple areas. And, I appreciate people who can take a SEEMINGLY complex concept and make it easy to understand.

If you don't make it easy to understand, you are a self-proclaimed expert... an alchemist.

Sorry, I've got to return to my thesis. Please pardon the interruption.

Professor Pete N. Tree

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You may have something about teaching and communication, Gonz, but to bring up a quote from that thread out of context is blatantly dishonest. Not all teachers have equal skills. We select the ones who know what we want to learn, don't we?

I think the reason we are in conflict is I would like some peace and quiet so I can learn what I would like from whomever I would like to learn it from, without having to go through you.

As my dear departed mother used to say, Who died and left you boss?

Jim Weiss was an influence, but not the whole influence. This is my point. No one theory is going to explain everything. You have to synthesize the stuff that makes sense or has meaning to you. You have amply informed us that DavidM's information doesn't make sense to you. A-okay. It's helped me solidify some of the randomness in my understanding of the sport. I judge it to have been worth the trouble.

When you are ready to learn, the teacher appears. If you are not ready to learn, you will never know the teacher was there.
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I keep waiting for someone to come by and ask to see my ticket stub. Who do I pay for this?
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Lord, I couldn't have said it better!
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Yesterday was my first day off in 16 days. It took me over four hours to seperate the wheat from the chafe in the previous two threads. Like Nolo I found much of the information to be stimulating. I, and probably many others, would appreciate it if people would voice their opinions only once. We are all capable of making our own desicions. NO INFORMATION IS EVER BAD Please let us read it all, ONCE, and then do with it what we please.

Thank you
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Tom, why are you reading this thread? Don't you consider it "chafe" [sic]?

nolo, if David M doesn't really know his biological principles concerning balance -- and I contend he doesn't -- then as one who DOES know those principles, I feel compelled not only to correct him, but ALSO expose him for the misleader, charlatan and alchemist he is.

the quote is NOT out of context. it speaks for itself. it's very disingenuous to state that I'm taking it out of context. his response was a reply to my asking him to jettison the garbage of detail. how did he reply? by calling me stupid, without even assessing my knowledge or communication skills. I think that says an awful lot about his attitude and teaching ability.

Did you ever meet a mathematics prodigy who could come up with answers to calculus problems, but could not work the problem using established calculus methods? The person remains a numbers prodigy, but is the last person on earth who should be teaching calculus.

David M's forays into biology are both erroneous and distracting. If you don't know enough about biology to see that, you get misled.

I'd feel more comfortable knowing that each of his "supporters" actually recognizes that much of his writings can be discarded. I'm not saying that his end-product is bad. I'm saying that his explanation of the process defeats any positive end result -- at least for someone who already understands biological principles; and I'm saying that for someone who DOESN'T already understand those principles, the explanation is a ruse.

Dang it, I've got to get back to the thesis. Please give me some time to compose off-line. It's the only way I can provide the necessary fundamental details.

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Can I just say - look we are really sorry come back SCSA, at least think about it won't ya.

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[quote]Originally posted by gonzostrike:

I don't recall Yoda bogging me down with such nonsensical, non-essential details.
Gonzo, if you don't want to go into the bog take the high ground.
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