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Squaw vs. Mammoth

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Assuming getting to either place is not an issue, where would you want to spend a weekend skiing hard at?

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Mammoth because I've never been.

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Interesting question...


Of the Tahoe ski resorts - I like Squaw the best - lots and lots of terrain - plenty for the experts, plenty for the intermediates. vast and wide open. a nice little town at the base for a bit of apres ski if you enjoy. Also close to truckee and N Tahoe.


Mammoth is also great. I think the snow is a bit better quality and the area is beautiful. If you are an expert - there's a lot off the top ridge. If you like groomers better, IMHO, many of the runs are a bit short unless you are over on the left side of the mtn near chair 9. If you are there for more than a weekend, you might get a bit bored.


Squaw / N Tahoe may also have a bit more activity that Mammoth - although neither really would have a massive apres ski / music / restaurant scene. Mammoth doesn't really have a true base - again IMHO - although there are a few nice spots. It's seems a bit spread out with a strange bus system. I would recommend taking your own group so you can have fun in your condo for evenings...


Overall I give the nod to Squaw - but Mammoth can also be great fun!

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Both ski areas are great and have had excellent snowfall this season. You can't go wrong and I'd recommend skiing both. However, it depends when you're planning to go. As spring progresses Mammoth has the edge because it holds it's base better. Mammoth's elevation is about 2,000' higher than Squaw's. Mammoth should be able to operate into June this summer and many years stays open until July 4th.


I'm partial to Mammoth as I am a long time pass holder there. I also ski more than 50 days a year there and have yet to get bored. Its a very big mountain with 3,500 skiable acres and 3,100' of vertical. I think you'll find plenty to keep you interested skiing over three days.

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I'm in Mammoth right now so my vote goes to Mammoth.


Just take the gondola, get to the top, do the Dave's run and continue down the number 9 :-) Then spend your day over there, not crowded and the Cloud Nine is one of the fastest chairs here.



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 I just came back from states for my high school ski team, and they were in Mammoth, and it was very fun!!  Dave's run off the gondola was just awesome!  Mammoth it seemed had lots of wide open steeps, with lots of grooming.  I had trouble finding a lot of good steeps, but I would probably figure it out if I was there longer.  I have skied Squaw my whole life, so I know where everything is, and I would rather ski there than Mammoth, becuase I can find where the skiing is good.  Squaw does have some pretty awesome spring skiing, such as  the sun bowl and smoothies, but apparently Mammoth has good spring skiing too.  Personally I think you'll be happy going either place!

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Hueves Grandes and Hangman's Drop are $&%!ing steep and narrow and rocky stuff at Mammoth. But I don't think Hueves Grandes is on the map and I've never skied either, much less been to Mammoth.

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