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Mogul/Park Ski?

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I suck at bumps, so I'm thinking about taking a Mogul clinic this summer.  I'm a slow learner, physically, so I'm thinking that having the right ski for the task will make my life easier.  My current ski of choice is the Line Pandora 162, which at 112mm underfoot is fine for most PNW conditions, but probably not going to be doing me any favors in a mogul field.  However, I'm reluctant to invest in a dedicated mogul ski, as I can't see myself actually seeking out bumps; I'd just like to be able to get down them without too much difficulty.


My understanding is that a good mogul ski doesn't have a lot of side cut, is narrow-waisted, and is relatively short, soft-flexing, lightweight, and snappy.  It occurs to me that this actually describes a number of park skis.  When there hasn't been a lot of new snow, I sometimes like to head to the terrain park.  So I could justify adding a ski that would work for moguls and the park to my quiver. 


So, any suggestions?  Or am I way off base here?  

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I don't think you're too off base except that dedicated bumps skis aren't always so soft.  I have a decent size quiver and my bump skis (K2 Cabrawlers, which can be procured fairly inexpensively) are the second stiffest ski in the bunch.  Stiffer than my race stock Blizzard MagSL.


K2 Public Enemy (now called Extreme) and Dynastar Trouble Maker are often tauted as being great bump skis.  Both are twin tips and quite inexpensive as well.  I can vouch for the PE being a darn good bump ski but can only assume they're a decent park ski.


Good luck in the bumps..... I started out with a mission not to suck in them.  Now I'm a freaq =)

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honestly almost any mid fat twin will be pretty good in the bumps.


dont worry to much about sidecut most twins are straight enough it wont matter.


If you like Line get some chronics and go to town.


The PE/missdemeor and troublemakers would be great choices as well.




as you admitted yourself though the biggest improvement will be from getting better , getting better at bump skiing will improve your skiing EVERYWHERE.


my favorite quoteabout bump skiing


"its not that you cant ski bumps its that you cant ski and te bumps proves it:

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