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Download Weems' "brilliant skiing, every day"?

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So on this site I saw the link to his website that requires name and email to download the e-book, but the link provided by subsequent email (http://www.edgechange.com/download.asp) give 404 not found error, have anyone tried it with success?

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jzmtl,  I too got the same error message a couple of days ago.

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I had no trouble downloading it quite a while ago, and started reading it just before the death of Weems' son.

I promptly forgot about it; the book reminded me of Weems and the tragedy, and I just couldn't remember where it was on my hard drive.


The first part seemed very inspirational; a bit like a presentation by Tony Robbins or one of those self-help gurus on PBS. I never got to the part where he says anything useful.


Quite different from the website and books by that controversial former ski coach who invented his own system and gave me ideas and techniques I could use from page one onward (I won't mention his name or the name of his system, to avoid being banned).

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For those of you besides Phlogiston, my apologies.  The website will be back up really soon.  Thanks for you patience.

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I must make it clear that the term 'derelectual' was invented for me; a guy who seems to know everything about everything (or at least thinks he does) yet somehow can't hold a job or pay his bills.

I was 98% inspiration, 2% perspiration, and so all I ended up with was some inspired sweat.

Having left that way of life behind in favor of a much more sweaty and thoroughly uninspired life, I can't get much of value from things like the 'sports diamond' or descriptions of internal states. I mean, sometimes I'm 'inspired to seek greatness in the realm of the mountain gods', and other times I seem to have left my inspiritude at home, or at least in the trunk of my car. I ski anyway.

I ski 3x a week, inspired, perspired, or whatever, because the way to get better is by doing it. As they say, if you don't have the inspiration or energy to ski, do it without the inspiration and energy.


And of course, the tragic death of that young man made me want to forget the whole thing, which I proceeded to do. I hope his family and friends have found some peace by now.


And yes, the link is bad. Perhaps the owners of the rights to the book have decided to stop giving it away and focus on getting a fair price for it? That would be fair.

After learning a lot of new ideas from one free website, I bought a book by the owner of that site, for $20 because he deserved the money.

In my case I pay people to accept copies of my autobiography "Everything I say is a Lie" just to get the books out of my trailer here on the edge of the refinery.

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