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Off season ski/boots maintainence?

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Hi all, new guy here. Just found this site and spent hours reading it.


So I just bought a new set of atomic drive 7 and some salomon boots (can't remember model) this year and thought I should take care of them. Googling around says I should release the DIN settings to keep spring from wear down, and oil the steel edges to keep from rusting. So does this sound right? Anything I should do with the boots?



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Bindings: Personally, I don't do anything. Turning down the DIN probably doesn't help, but probably doesn't hurt either (assuming you remember to turn it back up before skiing on them).


Skis: Forget the oil. Best practice would be to wax the skis with a heavy layer of wax, letting it spill off the sides a little so the edges are more-or-less protected. If you can't do that, don't lose sleep over it. Main thing is to store them someplace that's reasonably dry and well-ventilated (not in bag in a damp basement). Scrape and brush before you ski on them again!


Boots: Buckle loosely and store in a dry, well-ventilated place. If you want to get hyper, I suppose you could pull the liners out.


You might also take a close look at everything, and take care of any repairs or upkeep that, next winter, you'll be happy to discover is already done.



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Pull your boot liners and get everything well dried out before you put them away.


Not a bad idea to pull the liners once in a while during the season as well -- damp boots make your feet get cold pretty quickly.

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Bindings: make sure they are in the "closed" position.  Turn the DIN down to 3.


Boots--make sure they are 100% dry.  If not, pull the liners out, then pull the footbeds out.  Dry them out.  Them put them all back in.  I do this after every ski day, so that my boots are dry in the morning. Buckle them loosely when in storage.  Check the bottoms to make sure the toe/heel isn't worn.  If it is, you need to buy replacement toe/heel pieces.  Contact the manufacturer.


Skis--sharpen the edges with diamond stones.  Do any ptex if needed.  Then do a hot scrape (iron on wax and scrape when still hot).  Then put a layer of wax without scraping.  The wax will protect the bases.





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The close binding part is new, thanks!


I have lots of sharpening stones for my knives, but never done ski before. So I think I'll leave the sharpening/wax part to the shops thou. 

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I crank my bindings down to din zero.....  Then I hermetically seal my skis and boots then send them uo to an orbiting satellite via the space shuttle so they spend the off season in zero G. That ensures that the edges do not corrode, the skis keep their camber, and the binding springs are not stressed





Really, just a good tune, little shot of lithuim grease in the bindings under the heel and toe, followed by a heavy coat of storage wax, including the sides of the edges not scraped.  You do not want humidity/moisture to corrode the edges or your bases to get too dry and oxidize or else you will have more work to do next fall..

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