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What type of Student do you work with, best...

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And Why? You can either answer male, female ,younger, older or personality traits, or skilll level.

Whatever comes to mind.

And then the leading question...
What type would you like to work better with?

Can of worms, eh?

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I'm thinking 18-24 female 125lbs.... oh yea student...

The students that I like are the ones with whom I can relate to, usually they fall in the 13-50 age group. With adults it is easier to explain certain things, in "real" words and with the teens, they just want to have fun so I can show them fun places to go and how to ski through them.
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I like all kinds. I usually teach adults, but I enjoy teaching kids, they crack me up! And teenagers are quite fun too. I enjoy teaching women quite a bit, as they tend to instinctively understand that skiing is a finesse sport.

I get the chance to teach beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students. I like the chance to "mix-it-up". Beginners are a real blast sometimes.

Personally, I get pretty jazzed with "off-piste" beginners... Bumps 101, folks just stepping off the groomers. It's a whole new world for them!

The ones I struggle with.. well I tend to be a bit silly on the hill. Too serious, self absorbed types can be a bit difficult for me. As a teacher, it's good to adapt to their needs as well.

The ones that spend $ and TAKE LESSONS...

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The best students, in my opinion, are those that prepare for their ski trip- both mentally and physically. I always marvel at people who are totally inactive most of the year, then come to find that they are exhausted within the first ten minutes of our very expensive time together. I have had students that were in great shape , had watched videos, read books, and they did great! But unfortunately, they are the rare ones.
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Anybody who is anxious to learn, and willing to put forth a bit of effort, and willing to participate in the lesson, rather than just stand there and watch you teach. I hate people who come into a lesson saying they want to learn something, then just spectate and merely nod and agree with anything and everything. Problem is, there's a LOT of those out there.

Tall thin blond women in their 20s with properly fitting stretch pants ain't bad either,
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My favorite students are the ones whos motivation is learning to ski. The least favorite is the students that are doing it out of peer pressure; "my husband wants me to learn to ski". Granted, peer pressure is a challenge tp change motivation. Frequenty, I can do it. Then the perr student is likely to have some sort of "ownership". Teenagers are the most difficult, because they usually want to join their friends once they get comfortable on their skis.

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I enjoy working with all ages and abilities. Switching modes between adults and kids is fun. Wedge turns or powder...
I like the challenge. I draw the line with doctor's wives.
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Female... 40ish.... they listen, they don't challenge..... they have no preconceptions.

Worst..... male 25 .... they just know that in order to turn those skis you have to lean over. sit back and sling the shoulders around.

Kids of about 15 aren't bad either if they are not in "pack mentality" mode.
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Anyone who didn't just drive 800+ miles, arrive at 3 in the morning, missed breakfast, got the run-around from the ski area because they didn't bring their confirmation number, and put their boots on the wrong feet, has the potential to be a good student. I prefer to ski with teenagers of any level because they are only slightly more mature than me. Other than that I really don't mind teaching any level, any age. All I'm really doing is showing people how to play in the snow anyway.

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Allright Yuki! As JohnH would'nt have me.

I am with you
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Yeah Yuki, and their standards are lower.

It was JOKE Kima!!!! Stop throwing rotten vegetables!

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Yes you best be running!
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