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Pain at bottom of foot

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Just got back from from skiing 4 days at Mammoth. I had a great time, but the bottoms of my feet just behind the toes and under the balls of my feet experience tremendous pain.


The pain increases slowly, but after 4 to 5 hours I need to take the boots off. The pain is in both feet but more so the left foot.


My boots are Falcon 10, 28.5. I have a size 12 street shoe C width.


The boot fitter recommended Superfeet (non cork) foot beds, as he stated I do not pronate.


I actually had to argue with him about the size of the boot. He measured me on the Braddock scale at 29.5, but I insisted he put me in one size down.


I assume the proper correction is a custom footbed, but any other advise would be welcomed.

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how is the range of motion at your ankle joint, the Falcon is a great boot but it has a fairly agressive forward lean, if you are not able to match this angle then you will load the ball of the foot and cause the pain you are suffering, a small heel lift is possibly the solution, best to get it checked out though.... as for the sizing ignor what the measurer says, trust the shell check, that boot is pretty long to size so it is quite common to come down a size from the measured size, if you are concerned then take the liner out put your foot in the shell and do a shell check less than 10mm get real friendly with your boot fitter more than 20 start looking for a smaller size

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Thanks CEM, I have been told that my ankles range of motion is limited do to running and other sports.

I never thought of a heel lift, I assumed it would place more pressure on the ball of my foot, but I can see how this will help by opening up the ankle. Your correct on the Falcon boots, when I put on the 29.5 I had a 2 finger fit, that's why I insisted on the 28.5. The boot fitter is used to fitting for comfort over performance.

Again, thanks for the help

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