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North Tahoe Demos?

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Hey guys!  I've been lurking for the past few days but this is my first post.  I guess this question is aimed at people that know tahoe well.  I'm looking to demo some twin tips before the season ends.  I'm thinking the Line Chronics or some other all mountain twins.  I usually go to northstar, so which stores/resorts have the best selection of demo skis in north tahoe?

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Welcome! It would help if you could tell us your size, skiing ability, and whether you want park twins, or fatter twins for the backside, or just because you like twinish skis. All that said, hard to go wrong with these for freestyle in Sierra Cement, and each has a very different feel: Volkl Bridge, K2 Extreme, 4FRNT MSP, Dynastar Big Troubles, Prophet 90's. I'll leave the park recs to someone else. 

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Not sure they have much in the way of park skis, but Start Haus in Truckee have some very nice skis.  Demoed some Blizzard Titan Agros there a few weeks ago (and then bought them).  See is you can raise Sierra Jim.

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Squaw has a mid mountain demo program that is $49 all day or $39 half day to try as many demos as you want.  You might want to call to see what they have.  I was able to try about six pairs in an afternoon.  

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I would recommend Granite Chief at Squaw Valley. 

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Hey thanks for the replies, I'm an inter-advanced skier.  I'm looking for something that can do everything fairly well.  Powder, carving, and some jib too.  I wanna get better at park and skiing switch, so thats why I'm looking at twin tips.  valli and thefrush....is the place you two mentioned at squaw the same place?  Or do they have 2 different demo places? 

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Village ski loft in Incline have an 09/10 demo day at Diamond Peak on Sunday 15 which would give you an opportunity to try a few varieties

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