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Staying near Spokane. Where to Ski?

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Looking for some recommendations.

I'll be in the Spokane,Wa area for 4-6 weeks, & the only recommendation I've received so far is Silver Mtn.

I'm off for two days out of the week, so I plan to make a couple of trips.

Anyone from Washington/Idaho?



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4-6 weeks and all they said was Silver well you've got 49N on the way to Red Mtn, and there is Schweitzer in Sandpoint.  

Lookout sucks more snow out of storms than the other 4 ski areas.  


Given the time you have you could go skiing many places in British Columbia too. Fernie, Kimberley and Apex aren't to far away. Knowing your skill level would help narrow choices but there are many places around here to ski.

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Schweitzer and Red Mt. are both great. Schweitzer is a long drive, but doable for a day trip, but Red is definitely a two day trip.  49 Degrees North and Mt. Spokane are both small and not attactive options.  You can also do a two day trip to Missoula and hit Snowbowl.  It's a fairly easy drive on the Interstate.

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And for an overnight, it's a 4 hour drive to Whitefish.  NOT on the interstate. 

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Scheitzer, and Silver seem to be good options for two days.

I'll be in Moses Lake, so I'm already an hr & 1/2 from Spokane.

Ski Level between 7&8, conservatively.

How are the crowds this time of year?

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From Moses Lake it's about the same going east or west for skiing.  North is a bit farther.  I don't know the areas to the east well, but the ones most easily reached to the west are the Snoqualmie areas (Alpental), and Stevens Pass.  Either of these could be reached in 1.5 to 2 hours.  In addition there is Mission Ridge but we're having a low snow year and the rocks there are legendary.

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Schweitzer is on par with most other large western resorts, tons of terrain, lot's of steeps, bowl skiing and decent trees.   You're probably 2 1/2 hours away but it's the biggest and best up here.  I've skied all over the west and I enjoy it as much as any other big mountain.


Silver is 1 hour east of Spokane on I-90.  The gondola picks you up in town (Kellogg) so there is no real mountain driving to get there, Lookout is 9 miles further east but is only half the size, I'd do Silver first.  Silver is going to be half the size of Schweitzer but 1600 acres is still decent especially without the crowds.


We got dumped with snow this last week,  probably 2-3 feet at the mountains.  Conditions are good now, there are not many skiing, especially midweek.  One thing to know is Silver and Lookout are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to lack of skiers, Schweitzer is open all week so no problem there.





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