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What size if ski is best for me?

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I am 5'11" (180cm) tall, 150lbs. I don't have many experience, so count me as a beginner. What size of all-mountain skis is best for me? I saw a very good deal, but it's only 156cm, so, I guess this is too short for me.


Thanks for any advice!



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Weight, height, where you ski(powder, crud, hardpack/ice), the particular ski, personal preference are all factors.. 


As i've found out trying a whole bunch of skis this winter, the particular ski makes a big difference too... some feel shorter than they really are, while others feel longer...  I'm about the same weight as you...intermediate...ski mostly groomed hard pack, and have a used pair of 165cm Dynastar Contact 9s on order.  The first time I went skiing, I was skiing 150cm rental skis and having a blast.  156 will probably be ok while you're a beginner...but once you get onto the blue/black diamond runs, a longer ski would probably help you...depends on what you're doing though.


So...it depends, if the ski will pay for itself very quickly, perhaps they're worth it...  If you're new to skiing, and want a long-term ski, you'll probably want something a bit longer.

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Welcome to Epic! Assuming you're male, and younger, and since no info on where you ski; suspect Europe but this works for much of U.S. too:


First get good boots. Then,


Demo and take lessons. Then, 


You'll be happiest on something fairly forgiving but with decent edge bite in the middle 160's to 170 cm, and with a 72-79 mm waist. Skis to check out include Fischer Watea 78, Dynastar Contact 10, Blizzard Magnum 7.4, Solomon Tornado. 





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It looks like where to ski is a big factor for this question. I am living in Canada and most place I will go is Banff and Lake Louise which is west of Canada. Most time will be groom condition.



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Ah, OK, Banff area will get a fair amount of ice and scratch between storms, so unless you plan to go off-piste, the skis I mentioned are fine. If you plan to venture into softer snow, you might think about these, which are a touch wider for soft but still good on hardpack: Dynastar Legend 8000, Fischer Watea 84, Salomon Fury, Atomic Crimson. Same length range as before. 

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