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Killington March Break (16-21)

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Taking the family to Killington next week.   Two young kids, and my wife has only skied for three years, so this is their first big mountain experience.  We'll be meeting up with two other families, but the Dad's have a plan to ski some steeps.  It's about 7 hours from our place in Canada.


Any advice on how to get the most out of Killington.  I've heard you need a degree in map reading for starters, and perhaps some hockey equipment for all the contact skiing.  Any bears in that neck of the woods?




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Outer Limits again and again and again and again...





... if you want your legs to hurt.

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Killington is a large resort by Eastern standards but it's not the kind of place where you get loss like the 3 Vallées or les Portes du Soleil.  It spans a lot of ground horizontally so if you want to get from Skyeship to Ramshead it takes a little planning unless you don't mind going up and down a few times as you move sideways across the mountain.  For steeps, Outer Limits, Cascade, Double Dipper, etc.


As a side note, a full week at Killington might be a lot.  I would seriously consider driving to another resort on a few days.  Maybe Okemo, Pico or even Sugarbush.

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Also Vertigo and Needles Eye lift line.  Not that steep but some of Killington's best terrain.


For woods, duck off to the L (skiers left) at the bottom of the first steep section of Vertigo.  Not steep but very sweet woods.


For more radical woods try Anarchy or ski further down the cat walk at the top of the woods L and duck in there.  That section can be difficult but there are large rock drops and ledges that make it fun.  Scout it out first.


Don't forget Ovation if there's good coverage.  I think Superstar is a fun trail on the right day.


If you do hit the woods, ski around the trees


Let us know what you think about Killington.  The place gets mixed reviews even from those who ski there.

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You have to ski killington like you eat an elephant, "one bite at a time". It is very easy to spend half of your time going from section to section. 

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