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After arthroscopy

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Hello to all of you guys

40 days ago i had a ski accident and twisted my knee.The knee was not swallen and i felt almost no pain.I went to some doctors  and they said i had an acl tear probapby partial (they saw the mri results too ).ALL of them talked and convinced me to have an acl repair.All those days i felt no instability at all ,but i didnt make any ski  or other sports

 So i decided to go with one of them who had very good recomentations from people i know.He said to me that there is no differense if the tear is partial or full because im an active person who needs a good knee.The operation he said is going to be done with the hamstings and after rehab your are going to be fine.dont worry about it at all.

 3 days ago i had my arthroscopy done.But when i woke up i was extremelly surprised.The doctor come to me  and said:  You were very very lucky,your acl was only partial streched while lots of fibers where fine.So i made to those streched fibers a thermal shrinkage and now they are fine.As you can imagined i was shocked in a good way.No pain no crutches only a brace.

 But now i am worried as i have read that this technique is not good and has short outcome.Im am also worried that i went through all this for nothing.Why the doctor did this allthough we had agreed to recon my acl ?(he hadnt mentioned  this possibility at all)

 thanks and sorry for the long post

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What would you have had him do?


You can always go back and reconstruct the ACL if over time the knee proves to be unstable.


You can read all you want about studies that apply to populations or case reports that summarize a certain individual's experience - but in your case you will simply have to see how you do.


In cases of partial sprain (read: stretch/plastic deformation) of the ACL, the knee almost always tightens up (in a good way) over time.  The best way to follow this is a) function, and b) serial KT-1000 testing (which is a more objective measure of ACL laxity).


Above all, talk to your surgeon :).

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I hope you're right.

I talked to the doctor and he said that he was excepting to find i bigger damage in my knee tha he did

,that im going to be fine 100%

and that he did what he would have done to himself

He also mentioned that a lot of doctors would have done me the recon for other reasons too ( probably the money) but he does not work like that.

for sure  time will be the best judge,but im wondering if someone else has done something similar.

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