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Any Advice On Possible Knee Injury?

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I recently got back into skiing a few years ago.  Yesterday I had an episode where my skiis when into a "V" and I did a spread eagle face plant.  My left binding released, due to my left foot being rotated counter-clockwise.  My knee hurt slightly right after I did it, but I skiied the rest of the day and totally forgot about it.  About 4 hours later I noticed it being slightly stiff after sitting on a lift.


Now (about 24 hours after the event) it hurts when I do certain things.  Most notably, when I get up from a "deeply seated" position I can't put much weight on it.  As I get it straightened out it seems to be able to bear a normal amount of weight.  I can't see any swelling whatsoever.


I'm a runner (sorry, folks, but I love running more than skiing - and I like skiing A LOT) and I just got back from 2 year episode of injuries - none of them associated with either of my knees.  So I'm freaking out I did something to my knee.  I'm thinking (hoping) I didn't do anything to the mensicus, etc. since there isn't any swelling, and that I just strained some tendons or ligaments.


Any thoughts?





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I should clarify something - I didn't get part of my posting exactly correct.  The *SKI* rotated counter-clockwise.  When my foot couldn't rotate any further is when the release came, obviously.



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Common mechanism for MCL sprain +/- meniscal injury.  The fact that you were able to ski afterwards suggests strongly that you didn't suffer a 3rd degree sprain (i.e. complete rupture).


Have someone experienced lay some hands on you :).



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The fact that you were able to ski afterwards does not suggest much to me; you could have a high pain tolerance, you could have a very slight injury, or you could be psychologically blocking the pain.

My advice is to get referred to a good knee specialist MD, or when you get old like my you'll just have to say I must have done something to my knee some time or other 'cause sometimes it hurts.  You won't know what skiing yardsale, motorcycle crash, or fight you got it from.

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With all due respect to Ghost, the fact that you could ski afterwards says a lot, but doesn't rule out an injury. 


See your doc :)

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Thanks for the responses.  I have an appt with an orthopod first thing tomorrow morning.


My running and the many injuries I've sustained has taught me to pay attention to my body, how it's reacting and how it reacts to injuries.  I always find the "I've totally forgotten about it." dynamic very telling.  I also figured (hoped) that since there wasn't significant (if any) swelling that what I did couldn't be THAT bad.  Holy cow - I did a really bad ankle sprain a few years ago and I didn't even have to look at it and I knew it was a total mess.  And talk about pain!  I don't know if all ligaments have the same level of pain response that the ankle does.  But if they do, I KNOW I didn't hurt them in my knee.  (Again, hoping.)  I almost yelled out in pain when rolled my ankle.

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I saw the orthopod this morning.  All ligaments and meniscus are fine. 


He thinks I strained/pulled the popliteus(sp?) muscle.  It is feeling a fair bit better compared to 4 days ago so I think it's on the mend.


Thanks for the comments.



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Popliteus is responsible for controlling rotation of your tibia in reference to your femur, so it makes sense given your mechanism.  Sounds like you got off lucky .  Thx for the update.

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If it doesn't go away in a couple of weeks, you might consider going to a physical therapist. IMO, they know much more than MDs, even orthopedists, about soft tissue injuries, and offer a course of treatment that works.  Good luck.



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I have exactly the same problem with you last week. How is it now with your knee?

I am still on waiting list to go to the doctor. In the meantime, my knee is getting better but the physiotheraphyst suggested me to do MRI, is that really necessary? or is it enough with taking a X-Ray?

Please advise.


Thank you



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