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Whistler Bootfitters

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Hi there.


Am going to Whistler at the end of this month and would like to buy a pair of boots rather than rent something, which never seem to fit right, normally being too large. I have wide feet and this seems to cause problems with some rental boots.


I would really like to find someone who is a good boot fitter, who will suggest the right boots for me rather than pushing what is flavor of the month because they have been told to clear their inventory. Does anyone have any suggestions about people to see in Whistler for boot fitting. (I did look on the list but there was no one from Whistler and BC.) I have looked elsewhere on the Internet but there is little information about reliable boot fitters and who is experienced & trustworthy.


A couple of guys I know have used Surefoot and have good things to say about them but I have read some so-so things on this web site about them. It would be good to understand why they are not viewed as positively here as I have heard from word of mouth.


Many thanks



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I'd like to know a good boot fitter in Whistler too. I know CanSki is a big store in the village that does boot fitting but not sure if it is a good choice or not.

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No reply to this in bootfitter forum, so moved to Ski Gear Discussion.

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Kevin at Fanatiyco is good. 

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