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Salomon Rockers in Tahoe

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I’ve only been out on my Rockers for about 5 days; due to the late start here in Tahoe. In heavy, thick snow I was actually having problems with tip dive. I’m not that big, 6’ and 200lbs. Bindings are STH16’s.

Comparing the Rockers to my pair of “woody” Sanouks, the boot center of the Sanouks was 80 cm chord length from the tail, and the Rockers was 83.5 cm. Lengths are almost identical at 193 vs. 192, the Volkls actually have a taller tip due to the extended nose scoop. Aside from the width differences, the skis are somewhat similar, close to flat under foot back to the tail with a slight rocker up front. The Salomon’s being built that way and the Sanouks developing a slight rocker with use.

Anyway, I moved the bindings back 2 cm and got to try them out on Big Wednesday, 3/4 at Mt. Rose. The change was subtle, they still felt the same in mixed powder and crud and definitely did not tip dive when the chutes finally opened. One run of crotch deep virgin powder and several runs of knee to waist deep powder, chop, and slide proved them to be more stable in the heavy stuff. That being said, I still skied my Sanouks for the first hour, until everything was tracked out and then switched to the Rockers. Yes, they are heavy, as in "where's the lead?" heavy.


I still haven't figured the Rockers out. I don't know if they would have been any better than my gold 190 Gotamas as I didn't ski them back to back. The Sanouks are utterly sublime in fresh untracked, but cannot handle Tahoe chop and crud.

As they say, your experiences will probably be different.

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Shouldn't the rocker negate the need for a rearward mount?


Wasn't it you that reviewed these on TGR a while back?

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Originally Posted by Snow7 View Post

I’m not that big, 6’ and 200lbs. 

FWHW, if you're somewhere between late 20's and early 40's, that puts you in about the 75th percentile for weight, and 6' is about the 80th percentile for height. So yes, you're a big guy. That said, it's hard to make a rocker tip dive, especially in dense snow, which actually lets you ride higher, contrary to popular belief. Suspect either the mount was way too far forward (did you check the lines after getting them mounted?) or you were really leaning into the fronts of your Sollies hard.  Magnus is right; a rocker means never having to say "tip dive" and "rearward mount" in the same page. 


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I demoed some Rockers, Pontoons, Chopsticks, and Kuros last March. Which led me to buy the Rockers when they came on sale over the summer. Test conditions were 8-12" of new snow. In those conditions the Rockers and the others worked as advertised.


Where I had problems was during the last couple of Tahoe storm cycles and I was skiing in 2-3 foot of typical Sierra snow at Alpine, Norhtstar, and Rose. Yes, I know that theoretically even when buried, a ski with tip rocker shouldn't dive. But, it seemed like once there was enough snow weight to keep the low profile tips down they would head south quickly! I would really have to drive down through my heels to keep everything in balance.


Binding mount was dead on the line. Interestingly, I ski with a fairly neutral stance. If I used a hard forward pressure, "drive the skis" technique I could see where I could be pushing the tips down. I skied similar conditions with other skis (Gotamas, Armada ARVs), and as long as I stayed balanced they(and I) would handle the 3D conditions with no problems.


I'm just surprised that I experienced tip dive with the Rockers. After all, I bought them just for those big, heavy days. Meanwhile, I'll keep an open mind and ski them until the end of season in appropriate conditions. Then I'll either have learned to love em or I'll sell them. There are plenty of different skis out there now.


Yeah, I need to get back on the bike and lose a few pounds, but compared to the rest of Reno, I'm not very big.



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