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Tipping Instructor

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Is there a "magic" number for tipping a ski instructor for a private? Like in a restaurant it is +/- 20% of the check, depending on the service. If location matters, it is Breck. Thanks!
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please check out this thread and maybe it will offer a few ideas. http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000113.html
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no magic number.
I usually tip around 10%. If it was a Requested instructor, I think they get more money from the ski school at some resorts so I don't feel too bad if only 10% because they also get a "bonus" from the school for being requested by a specific student. That being said, If they do an outstanding job, the the tip goes up.
Be aware that privates can get to the 400+ range so a 20% tip like you suggest as a possible tip would be 80.00+. I might suggest that since a lot of instructors don't get paid if they are not teaching, an all day lesson is almost like a tip because it guarantees a full day of instruction hence more income. Just treat them well.
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Being a ski pro myself, it's nice that you would consider tipping your ski pro. Tipping a ski pro is all up to you. I have yet met one that would turn down a tip. The amount you decide is also up to you. Private lessons in some ski areas are quite high, and a 20% tip would be hefty. But if you feel he or she is worth it, and you got more out of your lesson than anticipated, then by all means. If you or anyone is inclined to tip your pro, I hope it's just not in a private situation, but in a regular class situation too. Most regular class pros don't make as much as the private pro, and do just as good a job, IMHO. But if we get anything it's a plus. I never expect a tip from my guests, but it's really nice when I do get one. ----------Wigs
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Thanks! And does anyone know any instructors at Breckenridge? I tend to need verbalization of body position (the "you should be feeling this" rather than the "watch this") approach.
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Jonathan Lawson is one of the trainers at Breck. I skied with him last year for about half a day. He visits this site once in a while, and runs a site called www.skipros.com (I think that's what it's called) to help people find instructors and sign up for lessons with them. He's a great guy, full of good knowledge, and a great teacher.

Also, just down the road at Copper is our own Bob Barnes.
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I used to use the price of a lodge lunch or a modest dinner.

Things are different out west but if you knew just how little instructors make or how little free ski time comes with the job you would be amazed.
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I've actually gone as high as 50% on a one hour private, but that lesson taught me so much and made me so happy it was worth twice that. Up here instructing is no way to get rich, and the poor snowfall really put a hurting on the guys at the ski school. When I find an instructor I really like, I tip well to show my appreciation and so maybe he'll hang with it for a little longer.
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