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Partial quadriceps tendon rupture

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I am wondering if anyone here has recovered from a partial rupture of the quadriceps tendon without surgery?


On Thursday, February 26 I slipped on a patch of ice while jogging and took a bad fall on the right knee.  I knew something bad had happened when I couldn't stand up immediately.  After about a half hour of sitting on the sidewalk in agony I was able to get myself up on the good leg and somehow hobble the 400 yards to my house.  Following a taxi ride to the emergency room, Xrays showed nothing broken.  However I had difficulty extending the knee.  No definitive diagnosis was made and I was sent home with an ice pack, a bandaged knee, and a referral to a sports medicine clinic.  


I was seen at the clinic on 3/3/09 and upon physical examination the doc suspected I had a quad tendon rupture.  An MRI was ordered the same day and the doctor called me to confirm that I had a complete tendon rupture.  He sent me to see an ortho surgeon on 3/5.  Well the surgeon checked my MRI and declared that it was a partial rupture (about 50%) and that I was on the cusp between requiring surgery and opting for non-surgical treatment.  He cautioned though, that without surgery the injured knee would never be as strong as the other.  He's basically left the decision in my hands.  Meanwhile my right knee has been immobilized in full extension with a brace.


So, any stories of non-surgical recovery in cases of partial quadriceps tendon rupture?

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I'd  have the surgery if I were you. Hard to imagine it healing satisfactorily with normal quad function/strength without reattachment. I would think that the healing process would be prolonged without surgery as well. I'm at the 10.5 week point post surgery after a complete tear. It has been noted in the other forum that the best results seem to occur with surgery at the earliest point from time of injury. The point is, I don't feel that you're going to heal any quicker if you don't have the surgery, and you're more likely to have a more complete recovery if you do. If you do decide to have the surgery, I wouldn't delay any longer.



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