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I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this question, but here goes...


I'm taking a trip next week to Utah with my girlfriend for a week of skiing.  My girlfriend is very interested in taking a lesson while out there, probably at Alta or Solitude.  A little bit about her skiing style... she's more than comfortable skiing just about anything the mid-Atlantic has to offer but other than a trip to Tahoe two years back, her experience to more adventurous terrain is a bit limited.  She makes mostly parallel turns but seems to be struggling to hit that breakthrough to carved turns and needs a lot of work with her pole use.  I know the best answer here is probably "private lesson!" but she's not sure she can afford anything longer than a 1 hour private lesson, and even those seem to be 2x the group lessons.  So I guess my question is... does anyone here have any recommendations of which resort would provide a better group lesson atmosphere, especially for a 23 year old girlfriend?  Or, alternately, does anyone have any female instructors they'd recommend.. someone who understands how to work with women and get them to push themselves a bit?