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Replacement Liners?

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I'm on my second season of my Nordica Hot Rods (about 65 days or so) and the liners are packed out. My first season I used a SuperFeet foot bed and thin socks. At the start of my second year I added a thin footbed under my SuperFeet and went to a light cushion sock. This last weekend I started to notice that I can't tighten the buckles anymore without squeezing my foot width. It's obviously time for new boots but I really like these, and can wear them all day most days without even unbuckling.


I was talking to a guy with a similar situation and he ordered new replacement liners for his Rossignol boots. Can I buy exact replacements for my Nordicas or should I bother? I've read a bit here about ZipFits and such so that is a second option.


A little background- I've really improved this year, joined a second race league and met the goals that I've set for myself. These boots have definitely made me a better skier but I'm wondering if its not time to move on to something else. So that's the third option- new boots altogether.


Any thoughts or recomendations will be appreciated.

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sounds like the boot is packing out, and your demands are getting higher.


check the shell fit,  if it is 5-15mm in lenght, and 0-2 in width a new liner might help.  zip for performance, intuition for warmth


if the shell fit is too big (and I bet it is) then time for new, tighter, boots.  (nordica makes a 98mm boot, in freeride and race versions)   and maybe a shell size down?

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The shell length is about 2 tight fingers in length (20mm) and 1/2 finger in width.

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20mm = too long a shell fit.   A liner will help for a few days, but overall is a waste of time/money/etc  You need the next shell size down, and maybe a model narrower too.


Are the hotrods the 101 (speed machine) or the 98mm Pro shape?

either way you need BOTH shorter and narrower.


see a good bootfitter, bring the old boots in, and see what you guys come up with.

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They are not the Speed Machines, and have no replaceable heel or toe pads, no cant adjustment, so I guess they are the "Pro shape".


I had taken 9 years off from skiing and these were my first new boot in a long time. I took the three day Adult Ski Clinic at Sugar Mountain and committed to racing in the USSA league that year, so I knew it was well past time for new boots. I went to see Donavan Carroll at the Alpine in Banner Elk, who coached me at the clinic, and after trying on several pairs that didn’t “lock in” my foot he had me try a pair of Atomic boots, basically a race boot, but they just didn’t fit my feet. So I went over to see Bill Leonard of Ski Country Sports across the street and he spent a good hour or so and finally fitted me with the Nordicas. It took me a long time to get used to them since the stance is so much different than my old boots, but they have really helped me improve. That and two more seasons of clinics and now a second race league, and I made the platinum division in NASTAR this year.


So yeah Bill set me up right with these boots. Maybe my next pair will be Nordica, a smaller shell. But, since I ski for The Alpine in the Monday Night League they give me deep discounts, I’d like to try Rossi, Solomon or Atomic first.

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