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Just A Note On Sugarloaf

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Skied Sugarloaf yesterday and it was off the charts.....good. The sun is high, mountain has great coverage with recent storms leaving several inches, bumps were soft, blue skies and warm and corn everywhere.


March is here and I live for March. Big crowd but the mountain is nearly 100% open.


I just love these days and had to tell someone who cares, the GF don't!!



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Did the snowfields get open this winter?

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Fantastic news, thanks bud

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The Snowfields have been open for (about) the past 2 weeks. Even the Backside!! It's been hit or miss because there has been a lot of wind. I see this morning the Snowfields are NOT open. It's a different world up there.


No major storms in sight but, there is still time.

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With this weather today, do you think it will be worth the trip for Friday? It's been raining up there right? 

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I have gotten mixed responses on what the weather was at the mountain yesterday. If I decipher correctly it sounds like it was a snow/sleet weather event. Very little rain, if any at all.


Now, the forecast for Saturday is mostly sunny with temps in the 40's. If this holds true the skiing will be off the charts. If it is cloudy with temps in the mid 30's well, you're gonna want sharp edges.


I am going to chance it and ski Saddleback Saturday.


I will post another weather report for the area tomorrow which will be more dependable than todays report.


Hope this helps.

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Lots of sun on Saturday with temps in the 40's. YES!!


Sunday a bit warmer with a few clouds, maybe 50 degrees. YES!!


I live for March.


If anyone calls I'll be at ........ SADDLEBACK!!!!! YES!!

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