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Custom footbed leads to 6th toe??...OUCH!

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So, I finally broke down and got fitted for custom footbeds a few weeks ago...fitter in addition to getting me into cutom footbeds also recommends that I get my boots shimmied about 3 degrees on one side and one degree on the other...I then proceed to ski for about 3 weekends and get the worst case of 6th toe (aka Tailors Bunion) that you can imagine. I can barely put the boot on without deep pain...less pain when I ski, but deep pain walking or standing in lift lines.


Go back to the guy who did the custom fitting (mind you, not cheap...some $500! and that's in addition to the cash I laid out to get the boots shaved...some $150!)...guy says he's got to punch out the toe area a bit, charges me another $25 and says "good to go." 


Skied this weekend and same problem!...now do I simply go back to the guy and ask him to punch it out more?...any suggestions for what is now becoming the most expensive pair of boots I have ever owned!

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First, I hope nobody (including you) will do business with this shop for boots until they change their policy re: $25 for a punch to boots they sold and are not yet "tweaked" correctly.


That said, it is not unreasonable for a change in your foot position in the boot (i.e., a new footbed or bootsole shaving) to create another issue such as the sixth toe soreness, that may require more tweaking.


From your description (skiing is less painfull than walking/standing), it seems that the grind/punch for the sixth toe may not be located quite forward enough.  It could also neet to go out more, of course.


Pull the liner and try the shell by itself.  Make sure your foot is back in the heel pocket where it should sit when you are skiing.  Does the sixth toe rub on the bare shell?  If so, determine where to focus any still need grinding/punching in that area.



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what boot do you have? does the thickness of the footbed forefoot look dramatically different then the stock footbed that was in the boot?


can you elaborate on the cant shims. Which direction are they going and where are they located?


are they on the boot sole? the ski? the footbed? or the bootboard?


also what type of footbed was built, and does the interface of the footbed to your boot seem to match?


is the front or side of the footbed pushing out the sides of the liner?



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