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tail catching

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This is a similar situation as a recent post. Going into a left turn, as my left ski is becoming the new uphill ski, I catch the tail often and nearly go out of balance. I also notice that during right turns, when the left ski is the downhill ski, I have a hard time pressuring the toe, and feel most of the pressure on the heel of my foot. Turning the other problem-pressure on the tip and nice clean arc. An have an idea and would like the experts opinion on this: both boots have heel lifts. Would it make sense to remove the heel lift from the left boot, and/or shim the toe of the sole (or boot board), so that there is less downward force in the heel, and maybe more material in the toe area to exert downward force. I was wondering if this would "encourage" the tail to be raised a little and not be as likely to catch.  Just an idea I wanted to run by you guys. The boots were professionally fit and are perfect (as far as I can tell) otherwise.  I am presently nowhere near a bootfitter and would like to try something if I can.


Thank You

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try the changes and see what works for you..   


Then let us know what helps and what doesn't and we can  help you more with more info

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Thanks Mntlion


I will try the idea tomorrow and post how I made out. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't way off base and about to try something that will create other problems I couldn't forsee.  This is a great board. Thanks!

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