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help me choose skis-boots for short turns style of skiing

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I ski like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itGgTmMs4GA#t=4m51s


What type of skis and boots would you suggest i should get? I think that the higher the skis are and the more straight they are the easier and funnier it gets. I have no idea about the ski waist size though. My height is 1.82 and I weight 85kg. I'm mostly interested in groomed pistes.


I'm open to suggestions :)


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hmm..  Where do you ski mostly?   What else do you do other than short turns on groomers?  What is your ski ability level? 


Shorter skis make for easier turns and a more "fun" feeling...but they can also become a handful in uneven terrain, crud...and aren't nearly as stable at high speed (more likely to fall if you make a mistake).  It's a balancing act to find the right length that will be most "fun" yet provide the stability you require.


As for waist size - depends on the terrain, but if you're doing mostly short turns on groomed hard pack), something the 60s...low 70s.  One ski that I demoed recently, and really liked was the Dynastar Contact Groove - it would be great for carving short turns.  It's a very easy to use ski...especially on hard snow -  For softer snow, the Xenon 8.0 might be another good one to try.  I'm an intermediate skier and had fun on both of those.


As for boots...get the ones that fit, there's nothing else to tell you there.  See the 'Ask a boot fitter' forum here.  Ideally, you should go see a professional boot fitter.  If that's not possible, read as much as possible about ski boot fitting and make sure you don't make the mistake of buying too big, which is *very* easy to do if you've never bought ski boots before.  Oh...don't buy ski boots online... I've seen a few people who have made that mistake here and regretted it.

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I am quite experienced, having many years on my back. The thing is i think i need straighter skis than the todays'  too-much-shaped ones. I am turning using the inside ski and I'm skidding instead of carving. Then with the help of a small hop i change direction. From what you can imagine the whole thing has nothing to do with speed and it's quite inefficient but it's awesome and fun :p. I just hope that someone using this style will be able to enlighten me.

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Ah ic... disregard the skis I mentioned then.  Sounds like you might be looking for something old-school...which i don't know much about, but hopefully someone else on the board would...

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Which reminded me that i actually have lots of problems with the boots and i now think that it is caused by my inside ski turning. Actually until today i thought that it was the norm to turn using the inside ski since it really comes naturally to me. I'm a self-taught 20 year old and all and I've been skiing like that since i was 14. Argh now I'm getting desperate cause of the obscurity of my interests.

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