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End of Race Season-Letdown?

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Any other gentleman/gentlewoman racers feeling kind of empty that race season is done? We had our beer league final on Friday and our last local Masters race was on 2/21. No gates with the possible exception of a Nastar course 'til next season.............


Oh well, I guess it's time to play in the soft spring snow!

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No letdown yet, but it's coming....  I hear ya, man!  It's always a sad day. 


We have one more night of league left, this Thursday.  Next weekend we will have regular Nastar and we are also going to set "Super Nastar" on our FIS hill.  The weekend after that is our Spring Series:  Friday features a Downhill followed by a radar run.  Saturday is a GS and a Slalom.


We finish the season traveling to Boyne Highlands for midwest "Beer League Championships" on March 28th.  That is a huge event with teams from all over the region.  Maybe you guys should put together a team from Bristol and make the trek?  It would be a pretty long haul for sure, though....

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I'm not racer, nor gentleman , but I was really happy after yesterday's women WC race in Ofterschwang, that season is over. Following WC around since end of October makes leaves some trails, so most of regular photo gang who follows WC around, and especially those few lucky ones of us, who are not heading up to Are, had small farewell party this weekend, and then off to cars and as fast as possible in direction of home.

So no, at the moment I'm not feeling empty because there's no races anymore, but because I'm "a bit" exhausted. But then again, now it's time to finally get some skiing myself, so I actually like season ends :) I can get some skiing, instead of just sliding down the courses with 15kg photo equipment in my backpack :) But in few weeks, I'm pretty sure I will be missing all this already... I did every year till now, so I don't think it will be any different this year either.

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U.P.-Thanks for the invite-sounds like a fun time! Getting a team from Bristol to the UP probably won't happen though............

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The race isn't in the U.P..... It's at Boyne Highlands.  That will save you at least 3 1/2 hours...

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Duh!!! Helps to reread the post you're replying to!

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Don't forget about the "Spring Fling" at Holimont on the 4th of April... Lots of Bristol Guys and Gals made the trek last year.  Should be a fun race!!


Possibly a "special guest" from the USST.  Not confirmed yet but there's a chance!



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Jack Hieb memorial race this Sunday at Greek Peak.  One run each of "Super G", GS and SL on one pair of skis.

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sounds fun tief... so you have to ski all three events on the same pair of skis?

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The season isn't over for about a thousand racers.  The NASTAR Nationals take place at Steamboat in a couple weeks.  Once that's over I'll be singin' the blues until I can "tee it up from the Blues".


Our beer league ended a couple of weeks ago and we just held the Connecticut Ski Council Winter Carnival at Okemo this past weekend so the season is definitely winding down.



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not me. not let down, burnt out.


i swear there were six hundred and fifty two races this year. at least twenty four per weekend.


I'm burnt. enough already,...ok,.... uncle.....please no more...bleah.

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Originally Posted by philcski View Post


sounds fun tief... so you have to ski all three events on the same pair of skis?


Yep. Same pair of skis for each event.  All on Christy's Run, the NASTAR trail.

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I think anyone who runs race leagues, coaches, or is heavily involved with the logistics of racing is ready for the season to end. I know I am. I've been setting courses 3 days a week on average since mid-January, and carrying any more gate bundles this season is not high on my list of priorities. Coaching, course setting, racing... it adds up after a while and breaks the body down. I was kinda happy when my job couldn't let me go to help with US Nationals this year. I'm burnt.


I'd rather go out and freeski or teach my 2 year old daughter to ski. I got her first pair of skis yesterday (some sweet 80cm Atomic Bode Millers) and groomed her a track on the front yard. We'll be on the magic carpet this weekend and maybe we'll enter a Family Fun Race as tandem racers. That is, if Mt Redoubt doesn't blanket the area in volcanic ash in the meantime.


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