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Vail: End of March

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I know there's nothing I can do about the answer, but what do you locals/frequenters think the likelihood of a good weekend of skiing would be for 3/27-31 at Vail.  I've never been there, but found a deal online for lodging, and when combined w/ my Epic Pass, makes it reasonable.  Will lifts be closing by then?  I know this is only an educated guess, but I suspect some dudes are able to make pretty good guesses based on past history...

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You could encounter any type of snow.  Could be a powder day,  could be slush with frozen in the AM.  If it's warm just stay as high up on the mountain as you can.  If it froze overnight,  look for the east facing runs first and follow the sun for the day. Moving up and down the mountain can help too.


The lifts will be open till well into April.

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Yes, I agree, you'll be fine.   Vail is big enough and has enough exposures, that somewhere will be decent. Perhaps somewhat flat.








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I go out to Vail most every year first week of April and have never had a lousy experience. In fact , more times than not there is fresh snow a couple days.


As other have said , if its warm ski the upper half of the mountain and there are many shady areas. If its really sloppy down at the bottom, down loading isn't a bad plan at the end of the day.

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