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Kicking Horse avalanche

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Two dead in avalanche

UPDATED: 2009-03-07 18:20:44 MST


By Sun Media


GOLDEN, B.C. -- Tragedy has struck Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the town of Golden, B.C., again after two men were killed by an avalanche while skiing in bounds Saturday.

RCMP Sgt. Marko Shehovac said four people were skiing within the boundaries of an area called the Feuz Bowl, considered an avalanche-closed area, when the slide occurred about 2:30 p.m.

"Two people were able to get out, two males are deceased," said Shehovac.

The two men who were able to escape were not related to the other men.

"They just happened to be in the same area," said the officer, adding RCMP were notified after witnesses reported the avalanche.

"Some people saw it happen and were able to report it to the ski hill," he said.

The avalanche comes a little more than a week after Quebecer Gilles Blackburn, 51, was rescued from the back country where he spent nine days lost in the wilderness after he and his wife Marie-Josee Fortin, 44, skied out of bounds from the resort.

Mounties have admitted errors were made in not launching a search sooner after multiple sightings of Blackburn’s SOS signs were ignored.

Fortin died before the couple could be rescued.









Sad news. It sounds as though these guys were skiing in closed in-bounds. Best wishes for their friends and families, but I sure hope people will make decisions in the future that will make these stories less common.

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As you're no doubt aware by now, they were actually skiing in a permanently out of bounds area and skied past about a dozen warning signs to get to where they dropped in.  The first two to drop in triggered the avalanche and were killed, and the two that stayed at the top and didn't follow called it in by cell phone, but by then it was two late. 


I don't know what it is this year, but there seems to be a real shortage of 'smarts' going around, or is it my imagination that there seems to be a lot more of this occuring this year than in the past?  Are fat skis making everyone think they're a 'superstar' and causing them to check their common sense at the door?

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Yeah, i have been checking on the TGR site and I know the area they were skiing.


It is a sad outcome, but unfortunately, not surprising. Skiing in a permanent closure is not only a bad personal choice, but it is a selfish one as well. A slide in these areas have potential to catch inbounds skiers and puts patrollers at risk.


I hope that friends and family of the victims get through this loss. I also hope that Joe skier will learn something. Sadly, most will probably forget about this the next time inbounds snow gets tracked out.




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The unfortunate thing is that the media don't take advantage of news like this to educate people and save lives in the future. 


The recent fiasco with the Quebec couple that were lost for 10 days out of bounds at Kicking Horse, is a prime example.  Instead of solely pointing fingers at shortcomings of Search & Rescue, they could have used the story to highlight the things that were done wrong by the couple who were lost that almost guaranteed they wouldn't be recognized as missing, or rescued if a search was mounted.  Tragedies like this can have a positive outcome if they're used to educate and save lives in the future, but the media doesn't seem to grasp that.

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I was at Kicking Horse yesterday and heard about it. It's unfortunate for them and I feel sad that they had to die.  They did take the risk though so I guess that's what can sometimes happen if you take that risk.  Sad outcome still.

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