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I've been interested in these skis for awhile, and almost ordered a pair even though I couldn't get a demo, since i thought they'd be good AT ski for my steep narrow back yard runs.

If you follow the Nomad thread, you can track the interest.

This isn't a full review, by any means, just a quick impression since I finally got to make a few runs on the skis.

Me, 6ft, 165, level 8/9, ski at moderate speeds, off piste, like natural snow, big mountain bumps, ski at squaw valley, ca mostly.


So, I was out at squaw today, w/ some amazing snow, skied out from our 6ft week, but still cold and wintery, nice piles of fresh, some big bumps, a few scraped out areas, mostly skiing on the snow, not in, but soft.

after skiing for an hour this AM, i was leaving to see my girls dance in parade when i saw an icelantic tent... after the parade, i decided to brave the sat crowd to get back and give em a go after so much speculation.

first i got on the 173 shaman.

1st impression, huge tip, nice length based on the tip and sidecut, seemed well made.

I took off down the path to the oly lady chairline off KT and flowed right in. first turns were easy, ski liked to be guided, transitioned well, felt easy.

really liked shorter turns, but would let you stretch it, liked soft edge more then i anticipated for so much side cut, i guess due to the narrower tail that would allow you to break it free easy.


it didn't hold securely, if i wanted to pin point an edgeset in a certain spot, i couldn't rely on it. not sure if was the width of the tip, a crappy tune of what, but not secure in a place where you need to hit your spots well.

fun, playful, big tipped, but not for me based on lack of the security of something like my watea that i skied the am on. still could be a fun backcountry ski, where i'm making short turns in the snow at slow speeds, but not a ski for me at squaw.


nomad, 168,

this one felt short on the lift, and like i was a bit forward, on the access trail, it carved very well, and felt quick.

dropped into same run, and nomad was money on the edgesets, but a bit too short when plowing thru the peaks or troughs of the forming bumps. i wanted extra length or the shaman tip to make sure it tracked up and didn't spear.

was quick and liked it's prefered arc, which was a medium radius more carved turn. not as playful or versatile as the shaman or my watea.

tail was argumentative at times, and pushed back when i wanted it to relax.

carved great turns on the access trail back to kt. short and fun.


to chute 75.

here the tail started to make me hesitant, the ski would skid OK and allow me to find the best line, but the tail would occasionally gripe and try to create its own shape. in a place like this where if you miss your spots and fall, you may be sliding and bouncing for a hundred feet, it beat up on my belief a bit.

as it flattened out, it was more fun, following it's arc or mixing shapes well. back on the groomer, like a wide slalom ski, smile and carve, boys, smile and carve.


all in all, not the ski for me. to opinionated, and a bit too short a built in radius for a mountain like squaw.

Mostly in the tail, keep the same tip/waist, lessen the tail more like the shaman, and it would be better)


I can see why people like them and the draw, but for my current leanings and mountain, I'd like a longer, straighter and softer ski, with a tail that is soft enough to release on command, or hold at a moments notice.